REM Review – Bleach Collab 2

Simply put, Bleach is the best collab to hit NA to date. What this means exactly varies from player to player, but I believe that is just another indicator of how strong the lineup is overall. For those looking for powerful leads, all of the 6-stars qualify with Aizen being one of the best overall in the game. For those looking to improve their farming teams, there are appealing options such as Yamamoto, Toshiro and Grimmjow. The silvers are lacking, but you can’t have everything and with an estimated 30-40% gold rate it hopefully won’t hurt too much. It feels like I just hyped up FF as the best, but I’m much more excited for this REM.

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Collab REM Review – Bleach

It’s easy to get excited for NA’s first high-profile collab since Fist of the North Star in November, but almost all players should temper their expectations for the Bleach Collab. While the six-star top-end in Rukia and Ichigo are about as good as collab rolls get, this REM basically ends there as there’s a distinct lack of usefulness from both the four- and five-star rarities. What’s particularly striking is the lack of even a single standout silver which has been a trend in most special and collab REMs for a while now. Hitsugaya and Urahara have great farming potential, but even at five-star rarity getting the triples needed for them to reach their full potential is a tall order for most players. Unless you’re a fan of the IP or just to want throw stones at GungHo for the chance of Rukia or Ichigo, I’d strongly suggest passing on this REM.

For those curious, here are some roll numbers from Pad-Plus. The numbers seem fairly typical, with the six-stars being about 2-3% and the five-stars at 5-6%.

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