Challenge Dungeons 3 Lv7


On the last day of the Challenge Dungeons, I decided to take a stab at Lv7. I didn’t attempt it before because I didn’t think I had a lead that could deal with both the Masks and Ra. I could bring an armor piercer, but I never bothered to level up a Ra. Then I remembered that Darkseid I had max skilled. Then when I looked at the PDX page again, the dungeon certainly looked very light, dark and water heavy; kinda like something Ceres might enjoy. Thus, the pictured monstrosity was created, or at least the initial iteration was. That’s right, my Darkseid isn’t evoed.

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Challenge Dungeons 3 Lv8


I steamrolled Lv8 back in Challenge Dungeons 2 with a hastily formed, underleveled Awoken Ceres team. Since I had made significant improvements to the team, I thought that I would once again be able to get an easy Py. I was sorely mistaken as the addition of Noah made it much more difficult.

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Challenge Dungeon 3 Summary

Here’s a quick summary of my Challenge Dungeon 3 clears:


  • Awoken Kagutsuchi team.
  • Just roll every floor with Kagutsuchi’s leader skill


  • Standard Athena team.
  • Any 9x or above team should be able to do this no problem


  • LMeta / DQXQ / Mini Valk / LValk / Arcline / LMeta
  • No specific reason to run LMeta, but she’s the closest I have to a tank team to easily deal with the Pys.
  • Just roll until the final floor where DQXQ + Arcline and a couple TPAs should handle Vampire.


  • GZL / Sasuke / Leeza / Meimei / Kushi / GZL
  • Plays out similarly to the previous version with a couple changes:
    • Kagutsuchi => Takeminekata: No longer have to deal with the 99% gravity, but Takeminekata has a lot more HP. Coincidentally there are 2 GZL actives to provide burst.
    • LIzanami => DIzanami: No longer have to deal with the skill bind. Still just one-shot her.


  • Can’t do it with my current teams due to the addition of the masks. My only chance is to complete my Pandora team and hope it’s good enough.


  • Already wrote about it here, but will create a dedicated post for it later. Overall it’s much, much harder than before, at least for Ceres.


  • Someday.
  • Maybe.