REM Review – Christmas 3

3379 - Holy Night Visitor, GremoryIf GungHo is going to mail in the Christmas REM, then it’s only fitting that I mail in my review.


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Special REM Review – PAD Christmas

After a horrendous Halloween REM, GungHo has decided to shape back up by giving us a totally revamped Christmas REM. The most notable change is the exclusion of all filler eggs, meaning there will be no chibis or other off-theme trash rolls to get depressed over. I mean, people will still get depressed, but at least this year you’ll get a unique, on-theme card that is actually useful to most players; yes, even the silver eggs. While I won’t say this special REM is good value, because they never are, I will say that this is one of the better lineups we’ve ever gotten. Just don’t let the allure of RKali lead you to rolling irresponsibly.

Updates for Christmas in July: From a high level, not much has changed even after the buffs and meta changes. I’ve added blurbs to most┬ácards, but I won’t be redoing┬áthe entire review.

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