Farmable Monster Analysis: Heimdallr

2400 - Awoken HeimdallrAfter having to write three weeks straight on somewhat legitimate farmables (Legelonte, Hel, Volsung) I was getting a bit burned outĀ on researching cards. Thankfully, Heimdallr brings us back to the good old days of garbage evo materials with very little practical use. At the very least, he’s betterĀ than something like Aegir, but in the end most will farm one up, feed them to their Lokis and forget he ever existed.

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Farming Zhao Yun Descended Part 2

In an attempt for farm some water jewels, I decided to try farming Zhao Yun again. With my second Liu Bei hypermaxed, I altered my team a bit and the dungeon was significantly easier. I couldn’t reliably farm Mythical last time, but this time it was a breeze. I only failed once due to mini GZL’s bind which was mostly due to ridiculous skyfall.

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Farming Zhao Yun Descended

1711Oh, the joy that is farming descendeds for skill ups. I had farmed Hera-Sowilo and Hera-Beorc for skills ups before, but Zhao Yun is on a different level. Not only was it much more difficult on Mythical, but Legend isn’t the greatest alternative since the skill up fodder doesn’t drop 100% like it does in the Heras. GZL was high on my list of skill up targets as having his damage boost available for the boss of short 4-5 floor dungeons will make farming much faster and more consistent. With that in mind, I went through the painful process of farming his skill ups.

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