Collab REM Review – Fist of the North Star 3

Trash REM is trash.

In the process of writing this review, I found myself focusing on the negative. After all, a collab that was poor during its initial JP release is pretty much worthless after a two month delay. So instead of writing “Sucks.” for everything, I’m going to try to focus on the positives, assuming any exist. Just imagine that “This card is crap, but…” is prefaced for every review.

It should go without saying that almost everyone should skip this collab REM. While I usually qualify that statement with “unless you really like the original IP”, I don’t think I can make that exception in this case, things are just that bad. There are a few niche cards like Thouzer and Juza that hardcore farmers might want, but the average player has very little to gain. Hopefully the next time around this collab will get the buffs it deserves and things will be better!

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Fist of the North Star Farming and Skill Ups

I didn’t think I’d be done with this today, in only a few hours to boot.

Farming Numbers

Fist of the North Star Conqueror – No Drop Bonus – 72 Runs
Floor Drop % Trash % Tama % Stam/Tama
Jagi (Goetia/Kenshiro) 70.84% 52.78% (38) 18.06% (13) 276.92
Amiba (Gamble/Toki) 76.39% 52.78% (38) 23.61% (17) 211.76
Uighur (Wee Jas/Yuri) 80.55% 56.94% (41) 23.61% (17) 211.76
Raoh (Raoh) 100.00% 79.17% (57) 20.83% (15) 240.00

The numbers pretty much line up with what PDX is reporting: 20% for each Tama drop and only 100% for the boss floor. Since this is going to be a busy week and I only really cared about Raoh, I went ahead and started farming today even though the trash floors aren’t a guaranteed drop. That being said, it’s uncertain how they’ll handle bonus drop periods since this collab is only running for a week. I have to think there’s going to be at least one bonus day, it’s just that PDX hasn’t picked up on that information yet.

Farming was a breeze, thanks to a video by Izaya:

I fed some Flampys to my Leilans just for this and it was well worth it (thank you, Ra Dragon). The time and effort saved was amazing.

Skill Up Numbers

Monster Tries Success Rate
Raoh 15 5 33.33%
Yuria 10 5 50.00%
Kenshiro 10 5 50.00%
Kenshiro #2 3 1 33.33%
Toki 17 2 11.76%
Goetia 38 8 21.05%
Gamble Mage 25 6 24.00%
Light Wee Jas 30 4 13.33%
Wood Wee Jas 10 3 30.00%
Raoh (Boss) 56 10 17.86%

My garbage luck with my high-priority collab skill ups has finally changed for the better. It’s unfortunate that Toki only got two skill ups, but if I really need him for something I’ll just throw some Bubpys at him (Bubpys are pretty worthless to me, anyways). After FF and Eva, I’m glad to be done with this collab so quickly.

Collab Review – Fist of the North Star Part 2

The Fist of the North Star Collab returns to NA and is easily the best collab the region has ever received. It was unfortunate that the Final Fantasy Collab was about 200 days outdated, but luckily this collab is still relevant after only a month delay. Yuria and uevo Raoh are extremely strong leaders and the silvers have decent value, especially for players to whom Mamiya is relevant. As good as this collab looks, is it worth rolling? It’s hard to say since no collab is going to present great value since the rates are always poor, but if there was ever a collab to roll in, this is it.

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Skill Up Log – Wee Jas


Here are the skill up results of my Fist of the North Star farming:

Monster Tries Success Rate
Green Wee Jas 14 4 28.57%
Dungeon Raoh 24 7 29.17%
Jagi 6 1 16.67%
Gamble Mage 7 0 0.00%

All I wanted was to max skill Wee Jas and I got through that quite painlessly. Farming masks is a bitch. I really wish I had a Goetia, but even if I did I wouldn’t have had much use for her.

My current skill up rate is 445/2293 or 18.84%. That’s +0.14% since my last skill up post. Looks like I hit a much needed hot streak!

Collab Review – Fist of the North Star

If you’re fine with the horrible collab REM rates, Fist of the North Star is a fine REM to spend some stones on. The gold eggs are all great and the silver eggs are surprisingly high quality.
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Fist of the North Star S Rank


I thought this was going to be really easy for Athena since the entire dungeon is dark, but there were a few points that made this a bit difficult for me:

  • Compared to something like the Insect Dragons, every floor has a decent amount of HP to go through.
  • To address this I switched out my Meimei and GZL for Verche and Izanagi to get more light damage.
  • This means I lost 3 skill boosts. This combined with 4 floors puts a lot of pressure on your skill cooldowns.
  • The time reduction on the first floor really makes it hard to match TPAs and also get decent combo counts.

Sadly Izanagi was pretty useless as his skill was never available, but I don’t have many other high level light creatures with a TPA so I just went with him. I really should’ve used my Apollo instead, but for some reason I forgot I had him. The absence of Meimei means the final floor isn’t guaranteed, but luckily there were enough dark orbs for Verche to make 3 TPAs.