Special REM Review – Halloween 2

Halloween is easily the worst seasonal REM, something unchanged from last year. Despite vast improvements to the lineup, there simply isn’t anything exciting as not only is the rehash phenomenon as strong as it usually is in seasonal REMs, they’re mostly of cards that already have a foot in the grave. Add in a lack of meaningful buffs to the returning cards and the now deflated value of its returning silvers, this machine is looking awfully devoid of value from top to bottom.

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Special REM Review – PAD Halloween

This is by far the worst special REM GungHo has ever released even if you include the various iterations of the initial Pink REM. Even if you ignore the poor value of the filler eggs, the Halloween-specific rolls are lackluster themselves. While most special REM monsters fade into obscurity soon after their introduction, I think this set is exceptionally poor. The two rarest eggs, Kali and BSonia, while useful, are uninspired rehashes of their originals. Vampire and Laila are unimpressive in the same way, but at least Alraune, Izanami and Thoth & Sopdet have some interesting dimensions. They aren’t enough to carry the REM or to justify spending your precious stones on, though.

The REM filler eggs don’t help things. The Archdemons are one of the worst pantheons in the game and the Wizards are some of the worst non-pantheon base-gold eggs. The Fairy Tale girls are fine for silvers, but have little to no practical uses. When Izanami and Thoth & Sopdet were first revealed, I was really excited because I thought I’d finally be able to tell the average Joe that rolling in a special REM was worth the risk, but even the quality of those two silvers eggs doesn’t justify wading through the rest. For whales, the filler is going to become MP no matter how good or bad it is, but for the average player I suggest holding onto your stones in hopes of something better. We should be getting a Player’s Choice Godfest soon and there’s still hope for an improved Christmas REM.

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