REM Review – New Year’s 2

3418 - Gazing Moonlight Princess, TsukuyomiIt’s difficult to compete in quality with special REMs like Final Fantasy and Bleach, but as far as seasonals go New Year’s is one of the better ones. Kanna is one of the best subs in the game, Yomi is a great endgame lead, Yamato is a very strong fire sub, and there are a few nice role players at lower rarities like Hanzo and Tengu. Where something like Christmas had a gaping void in value between its 8-stars and silvers, New Year’s does a much better job of presenting good value throughout all rarities. I’m still very reluctant to recommend rolling in a special REM, especially now that Bleach set such a high standard, but considering how dismal the standard REM rates have become I couldn’t blame anyone for trying their luck.

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Special REM Review – PAD New Year’s

tl;dr this is Rehash: the REM, making this special REM even worse than usual.

When they revamped the Christmas REM to have no filler, I dreamed that future special REMs could only get better. Well, my expectations have been shattered, in a way only GungHo could. While the power level of the cards in the New Year’s REM are satisfactory, the majority of the rolls are simple rehashes with little to no functionality to distinguish them from their originals. While past special REMs have also suffered from this, this REM takes it to the next level; the only real exception being Hanzo. You’re much better off rolling for the originals in a normal godfest since it’s highly likely you’ll get a better return on your overall stone investment.

This REM does have some pretty nice bait, culminating in the amazing new Kanna art, but don’t let that tempt you too much. Identify this REM for what it is: just another ploy to suck more money out of players that already spend too much on the game.

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