REM Review – Fist of the North Star Collab 4

3409 - Creator of the New Century, KaiohFist of the North Star represents a significant letdown after what was an exciting collab run with Final Fantasy and Bleach. Part of this is due to just getting it a few months ago in October, but is escalated by the fact that the buffs and new additions are underwhelming. There’s not much exciting in this REM and I fully expect players to save their stones until it gets the buffs it deserves.
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Collab REM Review – Fist of the North Star 3

Trash REM is trash.

In the process of writing this review, I found myself focusing on the negative. After all, a collab that was poor during its initial JP release is pretty much worthless after a two month delay. So instead of writing “Sucks.” for everything, I’m going to try to focus on the positives, assuming any exist. Just imagine that “This card is crap, but…” is prefaced for every review.

It should go without saying that almost everyone should skip this collab REM. While I usually qualify that statement with “unless you really like the original IP”, I don’t think I can make that exception in this case, things are just that bad. There are a few niche cards like Thouzer and Juza that hardcore farmers might want, but the average player has very little to gain. Hopefully the next time around this collab will get the buffs it deserves and things will be better!

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Collab Review – Fist of the North Star Part 2

The Fist of the North Star Collab returns to NA and is easily the best collab the region has ever received. It was unfortunate that the Final Fantasy Collab was about 200 days outdated, but luckily this collab is still relevant after only a month delay. Yuria and uevo Raoh are extremely strong leaders and the silvers have decent value, especially for players to whom Mamiya is relevant. As good as this collab looks, is it worth rolling? It’s hard to say since no collab is going to present great value since the rates are always poor, but if there was ever a collab to roll in, this is it.

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Collab Review – Fist of the North Star

If you’re fine with the horrible collab REM rates, Fist of the North Star is a fine REM to spend some stones on. The gold eggs are all great and the silver eggs are surprisingly high quality.
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