REM Review – Evangelion Collab 3

3394 - Kali Regalia, KaworuEva is a decidedly mediocre collab. While Rei Myr and Kaworu Kali are exciting cards, the rest of the REM doesn’t merit the financial investment to acquire them. This is usually the case for most special REMs, but the lack of value at 5- and 4-star rarities is a major concern. This problem is exacerbated by the recent reveal of the Weapon 2 series who basically invalidate the usefulness of Unit-13, one of the few cards in this REM that hardcore farmers would have otherwise chased. I do give credit to GungHo for giving new life to what was once one of the worst collabs to hit NA, but it just isn’t enough to recommend rolling. Perhaps Bleach has spoiled me that much.

For those looking for some roll rates, I found this page. At about 1% each, the rates for Rei Myr and Kaworu Kali are on the lower end of a typical collab REM which usually has its highest rarity cards at 1-2+% each.
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Farmable Monster Analysis: Legelonte

1916 - Music Dragon, LegelonteLegelonte has been a long time coming for NA — over 200 days — but we’re finally getting it. Its dungeon might be most notable to veteran players for Laila and Cerberus Rider skills ups, but Legelonte itself is a solid descended drop. It appears to be geared toward newer players with its 20 team cost being early-game friendly and the Master dungeon difficulty making it more accessible. However, no matter how easy the dungeon may be, it’s too difficult for new players to clear, virtually killing Legelonte’s one hope of ever being used as a leader. Its sub prospects aren’t much better, either, as Midgard and Awilda are even easier to obtain damage shield options. While Legelonte has some attributes that make it more appealing in the long run, such as the haste, time extend and possibly machine type, I’m skeptical if it’s worth the resources to skill up.

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Farmable Monster Analysis: Deus ex Machina (Backlog)

2234 - Awoken Deus ex MachinaWhile GungHo appeared to be improving the overall quality of descended boss drops, Deus ex Machina is a throwback to the dreadful pre-Sonia Gran days of hot garbage. Of course, not all farmable bosses can be on the level of Zaerog∞, but the fact that she isn’t even an evo material is what makes her all the more disappointing; at least the equally terrible Aegir has that excuse. While machine support has been ramping up as of late, she has no place as her raw power level is low and her element change makes her awkward to build around. While her time extends are attractive, the entire package doesn’t justify the sub slot even when compared to other farmable options. Perhaps the nail in the coffin is the difficulty of clearing her dungeon, making skill ups extremely troublesome.

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Collab Review – Evangelion

I remember when all I wanted were more collabs to come to NA. Now that we’re actually getting them, I’m decidedly unimpressed. The Evangelion Collab is no exception. After Misato the quality drops off quickly, although the new Shinji and Rei uevos provide some much needed value at silver. The entire REM seems to be waiting for machines to become a thing; hopefully someday this collab will be able to cash in on that type. Hopeful speculation aside, the only reason to roll this REM is a love for the franchise.

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