Thoughts on the Summer REM

I don’t really feel like putting the effort into making a full fledged post, but I still want to share my thoughts on the Summer REM:

  • I still plan on writing a full REM review once we’re sure NA is getting it.
  • If/when it comes, how will DValk be distributed? Will we get the MP shop update just for this? (Apparently Claire was added to the Summer REM as an 8-star…lol).
  • Can DValk serve as a replacement lead for Beelzebub? I don’t think so, as the problem with Beelzebub won’t be solved with just 3x instead of 2.5x. Can she sub on the same team? Probably not; breaking hearts on Beelzebub isn’t a great idea.
  • The only roll I really want is Urd. She can team up with Andromeda to emulate the Skuld-Trunks combo NA will never get.
  • I already have Bikinitron. It will feel quite bad to roll a dupe, which makes me wary of targeting any of the 7-stars.
  • I want Pandora because she fits well into my future plans for my dark box, but being a 7-star is brutal.
  • GSonia is also interesting, but she needed a bigger buff to justify the 7-star rarity.
  • The rest is pretty much garbage, as expected. These special REMs never have anything that amazing, but I do think the quality for the 6- and 7-stars is better than both the Christmas and Academy REMs. That being said, the waifu quality is significantly lower. Just sayin.
  • How hard will I roll? Not sure. It will be hard to resist letting the event end without a Pandora. I also have to leave some budget for Kaede, a probable Eva collab and whatever other collabs they see fit to bring here. It’s a hard life.

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Summer REM

  1. I was actually thinking about asking your thoughts on this so I’m happy to see you made a post on it! Specifically Urd, just seems too good for no-dupes to pass up on. Would you agree with that ? I really hate myself for thinking about rolling for this Summer REM but I just don’t think I’d want to pass up on Urd. I wouldn’t say no to Pandora either, but nothing else interests me at all and being a 7 star.. just not sure if it’d be worth it.

    Also, am I correct in the understanding that Summer DValk is the same MP cost as Shiva Dragon ? I can’t see how Summer DValk even remotely compares to Shiva Dragon, for the cost I just can’t see it. Am I missing something because it just doesn’t even make sense for it to be a MP purchase to me. I can’t really picture wasting the MP on DValk doesn’t bring anything special to the table that’s compelling enough to go for it to me.


    • It sounds like she could be good for no-dupes, but I’m not familiar enough with fire or Urd teams to endorse her either way.

      I think the general rule of thumb for these special REMs is if the thought “I’m not sure if it’s worth it” crosses your mind, then you definitely shouldn’t roll.

      Yes, DValk is the same MP cost as Shiva Dragon. The main distinction being DValk is a cute waifu while Shiva Dragon looks like a flaming blue turd with too many arms. In other words, she’s just a trophy with just enough improvements to get the collectors to open their wallets.

      Also I plan to do a full REM review once we know it’s coming to NA. I’ll add that to my post.


    • Summer Urd boosts Water ATK, and fire HP/RCV. So if you have all water/fire subs, then she’s great to pair with Urd, but otherwise probably better to pair with Skuld IMO.

      And yeah, D valk is an expensive lady. Shiva dragon is an OP lead, D/B Claire is an OP sub. She’s a straight up buff to regular claire in LITERALLY every way. 50 more HP, 300 more ATK, extra row and skill bind resist, better typing, better sub attribute, better LS. She’s just really, REALLY good on a lot of dark teams right now. Personally, I think she’s worth it. Alongside the new D/G persephone, Pandora teams just got a LOT better. Like, 3 rows better, literally 30% better :P. Of course, she doesn’t automatically make any team automatically S rank like Shiva dragon did, for a “free” card, she’s hella strong 🙂 She Isn’t an S tier lead, but she MAY be an S tier sub…? A+ at the very least.

      And as an aside, this is honestly how the points system SHOULD have worked. Slightly better versions of existing cards, not S tier leaders for sale…


  2. Awesome, I look forward to it! And yeah, just not sure. It’s a toss up honestly. I really regret not trying for Academy Athena though. So I don’t want to regret it with Summer Urd.


    • Don’t regret not trying for Academy Athena. I spent between $400 and $600 on that REM and didn’t get a single one of the seven-stars 😦 My card even got flagged because it was such out-of-character behavior to buy so many stones at once…


  3. Good to see this post, I was also considering asking your thoughts on the summer REM. Got a few things to bring up here:

    “The only roll I really want is Urd. She can team up with Andromeda to emulate the Skuld-Trunks combo NA will never get.”

    About two weeks ago, and after much deliberation and number crunching, we on the Lakshmi team building guide decided that Awoken Karin was the best combo NA had. After a lot MORE deliberations, we decided that B. Urd/Andro is slightly less good of a combo then A.Karin/Amberjack, with one catch: A.Karin/Amberjack will NEVER get any better, while Andromeda is likely to end up with a split evo and an Awoken evo in the future. All it would really take is one extra row, a buffed active from awoken evo, or 500 HP to make Burd the vastly better combo, but for now, don’t feel too bad of you don’t get her.

    “I want Pandora because she fits well into my future plans for my dark box, but being a 7-star is brutal.”

    Same here. On the other hand, I JUST 297’d my normal Panda, so I’m not sure if I’d use her for anything other than a no dupes leader or a third Panda on a Typhon team (He’s the dark one, right? IDK)… She’s better than normal pandora hands down though, so I still want her. Her and Claire, straight upgrades to their normal versions… Almost making Panda relevant again, but not quite.

    “GSonia is also interesting, but she needed a bigger buff to justify the 7-star rarity”

    Um. I’m just going to flat out disagree. I think she’s OP on a team we haven’t seen yet. Her niche is coming, I’m sure of it…

    “The rest is pretty much garbage, as expected.”

    Awilda deserves at least a nod… probably the best water shield short of Baggi now, and she brings along a significant offensive boost as well. Assuming you match only 3 enhanced water orbs, you get a 1.47 boost for the whole team. Which is significant when dealing with, say Lakshmi. 25x becomes 35x just by adding in awilda. One more, assuming six enhanced orbs. You get a flat 1.7x boost, the equivalent of SEVEN rows. Normally the extra damage for the three extra connected orbs would multiply it by 1.75, so if we multiply that by 1.7, we end up with a 2.97x bonus to attack. (AND that doesn’t even factor in any row enhances, should those six end up in a row.) Awilda is sleeper OP, and GH will inevitably add in a water preemptive. How great will it be having damage reduction awakenings… ON a damage reducer!

    Question of the day, what kind of a LS buff do you think it would it take to make the Heroes powerful leaders again?

    I’m thinking 1.25x when using an active might do it, and 1.5x would for sure (horus went from 25x to 45x, ra from 49 to 100x, and anubis from 100 to 400. 16x to 36x is not too OP… probably… Bastet did the same…), but I don’t think that we’re gonna get the same gimmick twice. More orbs for more damage seems too simple… but at the same time, 5x at 10 orbs is hardly more difficult than 4x at 8 for a team that uses actives so frequently. OOooohhh… maybe it could be 5x at 6 orbs scaling to 7x at 8 orbs… but it REDUCES your multiplier damage to 4x at 6 and 5x at 8l when you use an active! Interesting to say the least, rewarding good board management while still being a boost to the original LS for floors where you need to pop an active or two… If this happens expect skyfall boosters like Zaerog 8 and Indian 2 to become OP subs.

    Type boosting HP/RCV would be boring, ie Panda’s original LS plus 1.3x HP for devils… woo. It’d be great, but still boring. So would damage reduction. yuck. (Welp, I rambled a lot. sorry!)


    • For Urd, it really matters what criteria you’re judging with. Urd-Andromeda is a lot more flexible than Karin-Amberjack since each individual active can activate Lakshmi while Karin is dead in the water without Amberjack (like what if you had to use Amberjack for emergency hearts earlier or he got bound). For Karin, you’re committed to run Amberjack (or save both Lakshmi actives), but for Urd you’re already running an Andromeda or two. I can’t judge Awoken Karin on Lakshmi until I’ve actually played with her, but I often find myself cursing that B/D Karin doesn’t generate hearts herself.

      For GSonia, when was the last time a 15-turn active was the basis of anything interesting? She’s definitely strong and haste is one of the most potent mechanics in the game, but I’m not seeing it. I’ll gladly eat my words if/when that OP team comes out, though. I actually hope I’m wrong because it means something interesting and unexpected, at least from my perspective, is happening in the game.

      Yes, Awilda deserves a nod. She almost reaches Mamiya levels as far as silver eggs. Being easy to skill up is an added bonus.

      I think just a straight ATK boost is what the Heroes need. As for what, I can only guess what mechanic GungHo would add to push their agenda. What I’d actually like to see is the Summer Pandora leader skill, except if you activate both the dark and water parts you get an additional ATK boost. Even without that, the second activation clause adds so much flexibility to one of the most inflexible leader skills that it’s something I’d like to see anyways.

      I agree that HP/RCV boosting would be extremely boring. That just doesn’t feel “Hero-ey” anyways. When I think of the Heroes I imagine lining up a couple rows and doing massive damage, not tanking hits.


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