Takeminakata Ranking Dungeon Results

Ugh, this is the cost of being both a shitter and unlucky — about 20 stones, about 17 more than it usually takes — and I didn’t even get 0.1%. Such is the cost of pride. There’s no reason to believe this won’t stand, but if it doesn’t I’ll be very, very sad. I do think being skilled means more in this dungeon than usual, but that doesn’t mean someone like me can’t brute force their way into the top 1%.

Thoughts on God Killer vs. TPA: It’s actually hard for me to weigh in on this since I got to the final floor maybe 10% of the time (of which only a fraction of those had enough dark orbs), but my superficial opinion is that for this dungeon killers are significantly better. Unless you’re lucky to get four orbs right next to each other, the extra time spent making the TPA turns out to be quite expensive both in terms of matching time and board real estate. Being able to get a significant damage boost while doing plain, three-orb matches more than makes up for the slightly lower damage multiplier (3 vs 3.375). I’d imagine Fenrir is a great sub choice for this dungeon, providing a time extend, a god killer and a TPA.

Pushing Top 1% and Luck: Even for someone like me, hitting a score over 140k with Anubis isn’t too difficult, but to push 150k or even high 140k, a reasonable amount of luck is involved. My payoff took long to arrive, but it was a huge skyfall dark TPA that pushed me to hit the damage cap and push my score over 145k. I’m not going to try my luck further as I’m just not consistent enough to capitalize on the lucky skyfalls when they do occur.

Consider Capping Your Time Extends: If you’re really looking to min-max and, like me, aren’t disciplined and/or aware enough to drop your orb optimally then giving yourself a hard cap by lowering the amount of time extends could be a good option. I cut one time extend from my team and didn’t really notice a huge difference in hitting my Anubis activation. Sure, there were times where the extra half-second would’ve allowed me to activate where I otherwise wouldn’t have, but on the other extreme the lower cap could have “trained” me to drop my orb, saving me up to 2.5 seconds or 1,250 points. Any number of points are huge when you’re trying to break into the top 1%.


5 thoughts on “Takeminakata Ranking Dungeon Results

  1. I think due to the sheer amount of RNG I’ll need to hit, I’ve decided to call it at 1.9…No crown but o well.


  2. That said, forgot the mention that anubis being immune to jammers (relative term) is very very attractive vs ra dra who greatly prefers full gammer resist


  3. Thanks to a bit of skyfall on the boss pushing me past 10 combos, I hit 143k with a ragtag anubis team (d/l nubis, shivaDra, RSonia, DKali, LuBu, and a level 43 D/L anubis friend total 600 plus eggs on the team). That stands at 0.7% right now so I am not sure if that will last in top 1% or not but I am cool with it.


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