Satan Tournament Results: Got Eem Edition


Congrats to ren for finally getting his #1. As someone that also used a You Yu team, I find his score to be pretty amazing.

Props to Papi and Carl for repping :^). tevvie, Yuki and Nez are pretty cool dudes too.


You Yu ez mode.

Really… it was so much easier than expected. Most completed runs were 131k or better with quite a few in the high-132k range, unfortunately I had neither the skill nor patience to fish for a better result. You Yu is pretty much the king of speed-focused ranking dungeons, if only because he so easily hits the maximum damage cap.

I originally kept four max skilled Nuts in my box for the “system”, but I also kept them at different evolutions as a holdover from when no dupe Alt. Technicals where the best place to farm Pys. Who would’ve thought such a thing would payoff in this way? Hoarding pays off, sometimes.

With the gap between content and ranking dungeons only getting larger with every update on NA, our top 10 results should continue to diverge from JP’s to a certain degree. As such, new information and strategies are at a premium so I’ll no longer be doing specific ranking dungeon guides. It’s mainly to respect those that would share such information with me. I do plan on (eventually) writing a general guide for higher level strategies, I just won’t be going over specific tournaments and I certainly won’t be sharing any specific team compositions.


15 thoughts on “Satan Tournament Results: Got Eem Edition

    • Yes, well, tevvie could pretty much #1 every ranking dungeon if he cared to do so. Fortunately for people like me, he doesn’t.


  1. Congrats on 4th place finish! Its pretty cool to see that I know a lot of the top 10 players, with some of them even on my friends list.


  2. Congrats Setsu! Team is definitely nuts haha… I’m surprised that a row team neptune dragon made it in there vs the orb enhance 5 You Yu


  3. Congrats! Out of curiosity, does the :^) at the end of the name correspond to some sort of group?


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