Site’s On Christmas Break II

I’m on vacation for the rest of the month. Bleach threw a wrench in my plans of doing nothing the rest of the year, but I’ll try my best to get the review out before the event starts. Hopefully things will return to normal early next month.

I want to thank everyone that reads and especially those who comment. I would’ve quit the blog long ago if not for you. Happy Holidays!


34 thoughts on “Site’s On Christmas Break II

  1. Bleach coming so soon really surprised me too. The only things that get me now are the Better value than they used to be collab. The Final Fantasy REM got me to roll a decent amount and Bleach probably will too. Here’s to hoping we get DBZ one day.

    Keep up the good work and Merry Xmas.


  2. Thanks Setsu. Your blog has always been my go-to for accurate, high-end game info. I’m just lucky we became BF’s a long time ago.


  3. Happy holidays, and thanks for all the work you’ve put into the blog and for all the personalised advice you’ve provided!


  4. Thank you for doing your blog, I really appreciate it. I’m on your site almost daily. Happy holidays to you my friend!


  5. Happy holidays and thanks for all that you do! Your blog is easily the best-researched, most concise, and well-written resource for NA PAD that I’ve found anywhere. I think I probably speak for more than a few of your regular readers when I say that I probably would have quit a long time ago (or at least enjoy myself less) if not for the regular content that you produce.

    Hope you’re having a great holiday and looking forward to more great stuff in the new year!


  6. Checking here nearly daily, your blog has definitely helped me stay up to date and well informed about the game. Though I rarely post since starting reading the blog during your Verdandi days I’m really glad you’ve kept on making great post.

    Hope your Christmas was great and have a Happy New Year!


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