Wishlist for 2017

PAD’s been doing well lately and overall I’m still pretty happy with the game, but it can always serve our personal desires better. Here are some of the things I’m hoping to see this coming year.

  1. Solo play incentives – I’ve coped with the shift to co-op play by making an alt to play with myself so it should be no surprise that I’d like solo play improvements. Co-op has such overwhelming advantages that solo play feels so futile that it’s hard to simply ignore the differences. It’s time to throw solo a bone. Solo is the game’s roots, why many people picked it up in the first place and why now many people have dropped the game. The 0 stamina normals JP will see as part of the HajiDora event is a nice start, but solo needs bonuses to special dungeons as well. I’d like to see half stamina bonuses; it wouldn’t feel so bad playing by yourself and co-op would still have a huge advantage with shared HP and awakenings, among others.
  2. Dungeon replay for solo – Co-op has this, solo should too.
  3. Buffs to neglected cards – Every JP stream we anticipate it. And every stream we’re disappointed. “That card” differs for everyone, but without a doubt everyone has at least one. Some will eventually be realized, but here’s hoping most of them happen this year. Here’s a short list of some of the things I’d like to see:
    • Egypt 2
    • Constellation 2
    • GFE Rejects (Guan Yus and Zhuge Liangs)
    • LMeta
    • Angels
  4. Improved +Egg management – One of the biggest turn-offs for this game is box management in general, but the biggest offender is fusing +eggs, especially now that they’re so plentiful. Other mobile games have some form of fusing automation/assistance and it’s about time PAD did too. I’m not saying it’s a trivial task, but it’s one they should invest in. Spending like 30 min on fusing after your hour of STTD is over is far from fun.
  5. Swipe to select cards – This is already implemented for the post-dungeon sell screen and should be expanded to your standard box. Make it a toggleable option if you have to.
  6. Better endgame ranking incentives – Right now, people farm rank just for the sake of doing so. There’s no reward except whatever pride you get out of it. Especially with rank EXP getting so much easier to obtain with Ganesha, I’d like to see more incentives given to encourage it. My idea is to have the EXP curve reset every 1,000 ranks. Each successive reset would have a steeper curve, but it would be significantly better than the wall there is now. This would reward those farming rank with bonuses that’re already in place — namely easier to access stamina refreshes, maximum stamina increases and more team slots — as to not make those that would rather not farm rank feel too left out. Those that are already above 1,000 would just have their rank adjusted based on total EXP and rewards would be retroactive. Maybe you get some type of cosmetic indicator for each reset like the ranking dungeon crowns. I’m not sure how the high rankers would feel about this solution in particular, because maybe they prefer the seemingly insurmountable challenge that currently exists, but I think something should be done.
  7. More MP sinks – Let’s face it, the MP Shop is horrible. Outside the cards, which are great, there’s nothing worth spending MP on. Maybe that’s the point, but I’d like to have more things to work toward. Another MP card set would be the easiest solution, although I don’t see it happening so close to the uuevo MP Dragons.
  8. Revitalize BFFs and the friend system in general – This is an extension of the solo/co-op issue, but right now BFFs and other friends are a simple formality rather than something useful. The only time I’ve actually been glad I had BFFs since the inception of co-op was the GungHo PEM. I’m not all to fond of BFF whoring, but they should definitely be worth more than they are now.
  9. Improved box sorting options – The incremental improvements to the box filters aren’t enough. I’d like the ability to make custom labels and then being able to filter on them. A good example might be the Myr evo materials; you could label all the mats so you can easily access cards for leveling and evolving while also reminding you to not accidentally use them elsewhere. Other uses might be for grouping commonly used subs for your main leads, making per dungeon adjustments easier.
  10. Edit teams from the dungeon lobby – Nothing’s more annoying than going into a dungeon lobby, only to find that you have to leave it as you have to make a small team adjustment to better complement your partner. Why not just allow team editing from this screen? Another nice feature would be seeing your team’s label in the dungeon lobby.
  11. Improved NA community management – For all the speculated reasons why it’ll never happen, I’d still like to see improvement. Mainly in the timeliness of event announcements (why does EU get godfest announcements days before NA?). I don’t expect anything to change in the future, but one can still hope.
  12. More/improved social features – I believe co-op was a push to help address this deficiency, but it essentially killed the one way to interact with others in-game: the friends list. There are so many ways to improve PAD in this respect, but what still amazes me is that you can’t make your own player profile. I can see not wanting to moderate such a thing, but in my opinion it’s such a simple way to add some customizability to a game where it’s very difficult share who you are to other players. Every other mobile game I’ve played has this feature, if not something even more sophisticated like custom housing other players can visit, and I still find it hard to believe PAD still lacks something so simple. Maybe at this point it’s too late, but they should at least try.
  13. Confirmation dialog for continuing dungeons – I don’t know how many stones I’ve lost by accidentally stoning after a death. FeelsBadMan. Of course there’s a confirmation dialog asking if you’re sure that you don’t want to continue… PAD is better than this; no need to nickel and dime your customers out of a few stones a year especially in such a feelbad manner.

There are plenty of other things, but I’ll stop here. If even small minority of the changes occur this year, I’d be pretty happy.

36 thoughts on “Wishlist for 2017

  1. Great list of suggestions Setsu, thanks for putting it together. I am hoping that you are a big enough influencer in the PAD community that someone at GungHo takes these into consideration.

    On top of these I would also welcome these changes:

    Clans/Clan objectives – It would be great if we could form up clans within the game. Once in a clan, you could fulfill clan objectives. It would be great to have some form of card trading inside the clan (even if it would be trading just evo materials, or just farmable cards).

    Clear warning in a dungeon that you are going to die by next hit/skill – After the year and half of playing PAD, I find it too time consuming to go to to puzzledragonx and search for a guide and see whether the next move of some monster kills me or if I have a chance for one more turn of stalling. It would be cool if this was telegraphed by the game better than just saying that the monster is strong. I know that this would make the game more casual, but I’d still welcome it.

    Keep on puzzling,


    • >I am hoping that you are a big enough influencer in the PAD community that someone at GungHo takes these into consideration.

      I wouldn’t get your hopes up, haha.

      >Clear warning in a dungeon that you are going to die by next hit/skill

      They should just make each monster’s attack set be accessible in-dungeon. Since you’re basically opening a 3rd party resource anyways, why not have an official source be made available?


  2. Great suggestions! I’m really looking forward to some new Awokens and also to the Reincarnated Chinese Gods.

    My biggest hope though are some new buffs or evolutions for old cards. Green Zhuge Liang is a good plus egg farming tool for Yamatsumi descended but other than that his value is pretty low. The card I hope for the most tho is Light Metatron! I was lucky enough to get all Metatrons (even her beach form) and Dark Metatron is still a strong lead but her light counterpart has been the victim for so long, it needs to stop. The new Odins give me hope for a new LMeta evolution, they were pretty lame tho and basically just statisticks (eventhgough I could see some value in a BlOdin x BlOdin 2/23/25 team) and I hope she’ll be back in the Meta.
    And yes that terrible pun was intended.

    The Heroine REM is also one thing I’m looking forward too, Momiji may not be the best card but that artwork is amazing!

    Let’s see what the future holds and let’s hope that the artworks improve, they seem a bit bland lately…


    • Oh I forgot one thing:

      I really really hope that they’ll buff the Japanese 2 Awokens. Let’s be honest here: They’re not horrible but they aren’t that good either. Hopefully they’ll receive some more overall value, since most of them (besides Okuninushi and maybe Kushinada) aren’t even good subs…


      • Seems unlikely being so far removed from their initial release, but I’d agree that they’re unimpressive. Now that cards like Aizen are essentially the new type of glass cannon, it’s be nice if they could go back and give them some love.


  3. 100% second the solo play… partially because now it almost feels like you are priced into co-op in general (recent heartbreak over dedicating 2-3 days of stam building the STTD push button team with enough skillboosts in solo).


  4. I constantly hear a lot of people bring up the idea of daily challenges, but all the ways that are created would get reasonably stale after a few weeks. Would you want a feature like this, or after a while would it become more of an obligation than a challenge?


    • It depends how it’s implemented, but I’ve never been a huge fan of dailies in MMOs so I can’t imagine I’d like them here. Of course, it really depends on how monotonous the tasks are and whether the rewards are worth it. Like if it’s something relatively unintrusive like Hearthstone daily quests and rewards actual stones, I could see it being a nice little addition.


      • I’ve been creating a loose mockup of what it could be. How’s this?

        My idea is that you have a “one-shot” style, conditional dungeon (my use of one-shot just refers to the fact that it is only one run until you win and has to be solo) that costs 25 stam per run. It would NOT reward a stone, and would have somewhat of a pattern. Mondays would have the easiest of the weekday challenges (C3 level), building up to a two-day long weekend challenge on Saturday and Sunday (C8-9), being the most difficult. Stamina costs remain the same, however, as each day passes.
        Some example challenges include (in no specific order):
        only x amount of subs
        x as your leader or as a sub on your team (will be obtainable through that day’s descend or biweekly or something)
        win in under x seconds
        with x fixed team
        old fashioned All-attribute required
        With rewards being (range: Monday to weekend):
        100k coins – 1 million coins
        colored predra – predra/grand predra
        baby tamadra – +9 tamadra
        +15 trash – +99 trash
        magic stones, tans(king tans), pys, and latents will usually only be a prize for later days of the week
        This method would keep the game fresh as there are multiple variations on how a dungeon can be completed, rather than just “beat Satan descended 3 times”. Thoughts?


        • I do like your ideas. It’s definitely better than do X Y times or collect X of Y drops. The fact that it’s very much like the current challenge dungeons makes me think they wouldn’t implement it as is. I do like the ideas for the different challenges, though, and would like to see them in game somehow.

          I do like the idea of having more fixed challenges. Some of the more casual players I know really like them and a few that quit picked up the game again just to try them out. Of course, they can also be a bit frustrating at times, like the throwback team ones we’ve gotten recently, but I feel like it makes for good variation.


  5. Don’t forget about Satsuki RIP 😛

    I love this list and definitely agree with everything! I currently am sitting on 400K MP and am on the crux of Linthia farming thanks to someone who found out Dios x ALB and Perseus x ALB can also button the dungeon and I’d like to see something worthwhile to buy.

    And yes more communication on NAs side this is just silly


    • Given the right subs, Perseus x ALB can actually farm any of the rogues*. Not quite button farming, but pretty close, and in most cases only slightly slower than ALB x ALB runs. I only had Perseus on my alt until the most recent PCGF, so if you ever want plans, I’m happy to write them up.

      * the only exception being Myr, for which I’ve only been able to farm Legend+ with Perseus/ALB.


  6. 100% agree with every statement. As someone who just started tackling arenas, I must say it’s hard to find a good reason to play solo, and it’s especially apparent when you get to end game content. I get that they’re trying to expand the game and get more people to play it, but it’s a poor way to do so. Half stam, doubt the actives, double the health . . . there isn’t any valid reason to play solo unless you want to challenge yourself. Sometimes I just want to play alone, but doing so will essentially have the game penalize me, so what’s the point? This is something they should should probably focus on last, but a menu revamp would certainly be nice. Personally, it looks quite dated, very circa early 2000s. Not quite GameBoy, not quite Web 2.0, it just lingers in between and is an eyesore. It’s hard to imagine that someone can’t do a better job.


    • Agreed on the look and feel of the game. I’d love to see them reinvest some of those insane profits and just do a complete GUI rewrite. They could even monetize it by adding skin support or something.


  7. That last stream of theirs was pain for me. They buffed Balboa before Hathor I mean come on. I’m refusing to roll until the buffs are here.


    • Yeah it’s a bit confusing the order they do things sometimes.

      Also doesn’t help that Balboa was an extremely strange split. Most people seem to regard the sub split as the better leader…


  8. I wholeheartedly agree with the need for solo incentives, primarily some sort of stamina adjustment. Gungho is basically telling me that if I don’t want to play co-op, I’m only going to be able to play the game half as much as those who do. Pretty weak Gungho. I have plenty of other options if I want to play in a multiplayer environment. PAD was picked up because it was a game I could play on my own schedule, but now I feel forced into co-op if I want to be able to simply keep up with everything. I’ve always thought the game-play incentives would be enough to entice many into co-op without having to give them such a drastic stamina reduction. Also, for those who don’t use Discord, I imagine co-op is an absolute nightmare the way it is managed in-game.

    Glad others are noticing number 11 as well. There have been quite a few recent posts made stating that a dungeon is coming well after it has been added in-game. With all of the tools (many free) available these days to automate and schedule social media posting, there is really on excuse for how terrible communication is.

    Anyways, I’ll stop complaining…for now. Great post as usual. I always enjoy reading your thoughts and appreciate the work you do.


    • It’s kind of a nightmare even if you do use Discord. Trying to find a partner for popular guerillas (tamas in particular) usually means trying 6-10 times and repeatedly getting a “room full” message, and for less popular stuff (carnivals, biweeklies, etc), depending on the time of day it’s sometimes impossible to find anyone at all.

      I haven’t thought it through yet and I know there are a bunch of gotchas, but I wish they could figure out a way to allow you to “share with everyone” and “find any open room for this dungeon”.


  9. I definitely agree that there needs to be more incentives for soloplay. Having rolled a bunch of Toshiros from the Bleach REM, I got excited thinking about possible water push-button farming teams that I could set up in the future, but these feelings were quickly tempered by the dread of having to find reliable coop partners in order to actually be able to run these teams. I hate being forced to coop in order to farm most efficiently–especially because the times during which I’m most likely to farm (relaxing at home, happen to have spare time during the day), I’d rather just not have to deal with organizing something with another person, as misanthropic as that sounds.


  10. AGREED. With all of those things.
    Who knows if they’ll ever get to them?
    -Improving the +eggs and box interface.. (a full overhaul, really)
    -Improving player interaction in-game..
    -Re-incentivizing solo play..
    -The maintained relevance of every card that isn’t literally brand new.

    Those are probably the most important changes/constants, to me anyway, at least with the Inheritance patch that’s making its way to NA. If they address all of those things, I could see the game being in a very healthy state.

    My own personal wish list is to see more game modes.
    Perhaps a History Section, for the mythological lore supporting the card characters. (fat chance on this though, makes me want to do it myself)


  11. Love the list.
    I would rally behind a new GUI with sign in hand if it came to that.
    – Setsu, if you’d be so kind to lead the march with the megaphone. –
    How could we have such a buhfugly (sp) menu layout among other details contradicting the (mostly) beautiful artwork?!

    As for me, I have but one wish for the new year and it doesn’t come in the form of game improvement;
    As a very light IAP, I would melt into a happy puddle if they gave us an opportunity to buy back one monster we’ve (accidentally) sold in the past in our blind and misguided quest for the wrong MP dragon- provided we have the MP value for it of course.
    My heart hurts for my sweet, sweet Kaede 😦

    Pigs fly now, right?


  12. I know, the likelihood that anyone from GungHo will read this thread and actually implement these ideas is low… But why on earth isn’t there an option to sort your box by the name of the card or search by name or something? Perhaps the single most frustrating aspect of this game for me is when I have skill up fodder in my box for some monster that I know that I own but I waste like 5 minutes scrolling up and down my box before I see it. Sort by skill doesn’t really help because then I end up scrolling through my entire box before I see the skill up fodder. GungHo, if you read this, please, please, please give us an option to sort/search by name.


    • 100% this is my biggest gripe… having to slowly scroll through the box to search for those with skill up material available.. there HAS to be a better way of doing this 😦 Eg. In the Monster Box when sorting by skill, maybe have coloured borders around creatures that share the same skill..


      • When sorting by skill, if you don’t have a monster selected as your base, all monsters that share the same skill are grouped together.

        If you do have a monster selected as your base, all monsters that can skill it up are sorted to the top.


        • I think the problem he’s having is finding monsters that have a skill up fodder available in the first place. When you clear random dungeons it’s not immediately obvious you got a drop that could skill up something obscure for you.


    • Not the best solution, but I often find myself in a similar predicament, where I have a skillup and I can’t remember if I own the monster or not (the perils of managing multiple boxes, I guess). When this happens, I select the skillup monster as the base, sort by skill, and scroll to the top to see if I own the monster or not.

      You could do the same thing, long-press on the monster to see its rarity, back out to the Select Base screen, sort by Fav, and then find your monster within its attribute and rarity.


  13. On the 12th day of New Years my GungHo gave to me:

    12 Bleach Comp stones
    11 Useless GFEs
    10 stone GF Machines
    9 New Latent Awakenings
    8 Silver Dupes
    7 New Evangelion Cards
    No 6* GFEs
    5th One Shot Challengeeeee
    4 Failed Arena Runs
    3 New Descends
    2much Powercreep
    And a reason to use Awoken Ho-rus….


  14. Does anyone know why they’ve never implemented folders in the box? Seems fairly easy to do, and I wish for it every time I play. That’s with my crummy 480-monster box, too; I know many people are wading through way more.


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