Why You (Probably) Shouldn’t Buy Latent Tamas from the MP Shop

There was a comment made about latent awakenings that I sort of just dismissed, but on second thought I think it deserves a bit more attention.

Latent awakenings have questionable value for their MP cost. The resists have the highest impact per latent, but that doesn’t really make them more MP-efficient. Unless you need a certain latent to reach a certain breakpoint, they just don’t have enough impact per latent to justify the MP cost.

MP is a scarce resource even for whales so unless you intend to drop a few packs every godfest you’re going to run out quickly if you don’t show some discretion. If you want latent tamas, just wait for them to appear as invades in dungeons and farm them there; this should be more stone-efficient for most players. Maybe you won’t satisfy your need for instant gratification, but in the long run it’s a better use of resources.

Why should you conserve your MP? For the MP Shop-only monsters. Even if you don’t like any of the monsters revealed so far, there will almost certainly be one in the future that would be a great fit for you. This is particularly true if you’re a collab junky like myself; I expect many more Claire-like offerings in the future. Don’t regret using your MP already when that day comes.

That being said, if you just what to pimp out your favorite monster or monsters, go for it.

Now, to answer the actual question that was asked: if you want latent awakenings, what are the best options?

Type Notes
2207 - Latent TAMADRA (Imp. HP) This probably the most useful of the stat-boosting latents. Use enough to hit whatever threshold you need to survive certain hits.
2208 - Latent TAMADRA (Imp. ATK) Decent for stacking on multi-prongers. Also gives a nice boost for farming so you can do more with less orbs. Not sure if there’s a good reason to boost ATK-based nukes, but there’s that too.
2209 - Latent TAMADRA (Imp. RCV) Really only good for high-RCV monsters with RCV-based abilities like LMeta. Although I’m considering farming some up for my Beelzebub team since it gets RCV starved at times.
2210 - Latent TAMADRA (Auto-Heal) This one is pretty much a joke.
2211 - Latent TAMADRA (Ext. Move Time) Also a joke, although this may be the best for general use since it’s good in every situation.
2212 - Latent TAMADRA (Fire Dmg. Red.) Resist preemptives and 100% gravities. Makes some teams like the Awilda/marionette cheese team possible. Probably the best of the bunch, but you do have to a pay a premium for them.

You should still wait to farm them rather than buying them, though.

As for buying other things, just don’t be this guy:

you dun goofed

8 thoughts on “Why You (Probably) Shouldn’t Buy Latent Tamas from the MP Shop

  1. Commenter that asked the question here, Thank you for making the post. It really helped me make my decision to not get them that much easier. I really like Shiva Dragon, and had only 350k MP. I’m happy to get him. I know at the end of the day it’s a single player game, but your views are very appreciated in helping me make the right decision for myself. Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you.


  2. “Not sure if there’s a good reason to boost ATK-based nukes, but there’s that too.”

    The only place I can think of where this would actually be GOOD is on Neptune Dragon’s poison since you get multi turn value out of it, and even then adding a few thousand to a 200K hit doesn’t really help too much. IDK, mine’s getting 5 water resists for cheese 😛


    • I’m still deliberating whether to make the cheese team. I’m hoping it’s somewhat reasonable to farm the water resists from 5×4 Noah (or that we get the dungeon at all).


  3. I’m hoping that they use the MP shop as a way to get rare cards from collabs that we missed. For example.. Maybe they could sell an SS Isis or DCC Athena for the 100k-300k Points. That way, I could get my waifu.


  4. Hello everyone!

    I was wondering if element resist latents stack with regular element resists awakenings? For example, Kanai has 5 water resists awakenings. If I feed it 5 water resist latents, does the total resist go to 30%? or does regular resists’ effects take precedent over latents? (Like 25% reduced, then 5% reduced)?

    Thanks in advanced!


    • Yes, latent resists stack additively with normal resist awakenings.

      Somewhat related, the equation for total resists is: = 1 – (1 – (sum of resists from awakenings)) * (1 – resist from your leader skill) * (1 – resist from friend leader skill) * (1 – resist from active skills).


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