Quick Thoughts on the Christmas REM

I’m going to save my opinions on the new cards for my REM review. However, GungHo has left the door open to speculate on the nature of the REM itself:

  • So far they’ve revealed six four-stars, zero five-stars, two six-stars, two seven-stars, and two eight-stars.
    • What does zero five-stars mean? I speculated that they would once again run a pantheon in the five-star slot, but I was hoping I was wrong. Skipping an entire rarity seems unlikely.
    • What does two eight-stars mean? Does this mean we get two MP Shop additions?
    • I’m used to REMs having a rarity pyramid or something close to it. Maybe they still have more announcements? God forbid they add filler.
    • Last night’s reveal of the eight-stars seems to make things pretty final, at least as far as Christmas-themed cards are concerned. I was waiting for an official post to outline the contents of the REM, but it never came. I guess that leaves the door open for more on-theme announcements, but I’m not getting my hopes up.
  • The reveal of uevo Christmas Sakuya opens the door for future special REM cards like Isis, Athena or Metatron to get uevos in the future. It would’ve been easier for them to just tweak the cards like they did with Genie as this creates the expectation of uevos and new art in the future. It should be interesting to see how they handle uevos for cards like Athena that already have a cosmetic one; my guess is they probably won’t.
  • I don’t know what I was expecting, but everything just seems so boring. Color swaps and rehashes are so lazy. At least Athena and Pandora had different awakenings. I guess this is just the nature of special REMs as they’re (rightly) afraid to push the power creep through them. Sadly, none of the Christmas art really does anything for me so there’s not much for me to look forward to on that front, either.
  • Before the new Christmas cards, the on-theme special REM card distribution was:
    • Fire – 0
    • Water – 5 (School Isis, Summer: Metatron, Urd, Chester, Awilda)
    • Wood – 2 (School Athena, Summer GSonia)
    • Light – 3 (School Lucifer, Christmas: Sakuya, Genie)
    • Dark – 9 (Summer: Claire, Pandora, Halloween: HKali, BSonia, Vampire, Alraune, Laila, Izanami, Thoth & Sopdet)
    • Why the hell is dark even in this REM? Not only does dark have the most, it also has two 8-stars in Claire and HKali who also happen to be the two best special REM cards after RKali. Dark being represented in a Christmas event of all things seems wrong. If they were going to do a Chinese god, it should’ve been Leilan since she produces the Christmas colors.
    • At least fire got some love this time, but I was thinking they could’ve made up the deficit with a Valentine’s Day event. I guess that holiday can be both fire and light, but what about wood?

Updates! (12/10/15)

  • Sonia, not Kali, is the MP Shop monster. Sucks!
  • No five-stars, no filler!

20 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on the Christmas REM

  1. Both happy and sad that there is no Christmas Verdandi, but it’s probably for the best for my wallet. I really like the art in this REM, but agree with you that the cards themselves feel pretty uninspired.

    No five-stars feels like off-theme golds are guaranteed – hopefully it’s something moderately useful like Norse (they feel the most on-theme to me) or Chinese (a man can dream…) and not the Wizards again…


    • Archangels feel most on theme to me. The RGB Archangels would be a pretty big pull and they could reveal S.Ult Lucifer just in time for this.


  2. Christmas Kali’s artwork is really really bad, and Liu Bei’s is just creepy-looking. Haku is totally adorable though, and so are the healer girls.

    I swear they’re upping Kali’s rack size with each incarnation. At one point it might have looked remotely okay but now it’s just gross e_e

    If Kali is purchaseable from the MP shop though it will bode well for those who need DKali but haven’t had the luck to get her from the REM.


    • Yeah, Liu Bei is really creepy-looking, and RKali’s chest is waaay too big. Also her arms are horribly skinny.
      On the other hand, that LKali in the background… @_@

      Agree that Haku and the healer girls are super adorable though, and I love Ronia’s new art too (that strawberry dragon!).


  3. I actually think that XSonia is the biggest deal in this REM. Raoh/Freyr has been making waves and Sonia/Freyr seems just as solid, despite Freyr being offtype for sonia. XSonia also gets a solid donger in XLiuBei, and lots of folks can just use their old Rony Pony with a freind XSonia if they happened to be running red devils, which just got a big boost in Ult Belial. She can even run ASusano if for some reason you need to be tougher than God.
    Finally, unlike the red-meta leader Shiva Dragon, XSonia seems primed to get a boost from each new awoken pantheon, who always seem to lose god typing in favor of Dragon or Devil. (rarely Physical I guess, Leilan why must you play hard to get?)
    Probably not worth 300k MP if she ends up in the shop, but still the x2 HP lead I was waiting for.

    PS – Betting two filler pantheons.


    • If you think there’s a bigger deal than a likely MP-purchasable DKali then I think your attention is misplaced. If you’re meaning that she’s overlooked, I can understand that. RSonia is a nice upgrade to the GFE, but it’s not like tank teams of any sort have busted the game open so I don’t see how one with an inferior sub pool could be any better. The team lacks a 3-color board changer which is a fatal flaw.

      Also, I can’t agree about Sonia getting better subs in the future. Half the new uevos are uuevos which keep god type and there isn’t much room left for awokens.


      • Good. I need an arena team. After going 0/19 on Badpy sightings last month, I can’t stand the coin dungeons. Would her fire main attribute cause a lot of issues against Parvati?

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        • might make her a bit more annoying, but she won’t kill you with the proper latents and if she heals up you don’t die at least, so it’s not the end of the world. if you avoid a TPA it should be pretty much fine anyway.


        • It can go both ways, but in general, yeah it makes it harder. You’ll definitely overkill on 9x after Trishula, but you’ll do a bit more grind damage if you don’t 9x. Heck, I go over the absorb range on my DKali’s fire subtype so you may not be able to 9x with fire at all (haven’t run it through the calculator, though). The worst case scenario is if you’re in Himalayan Anger range, get a fire skyfall and die to not healing enough.


    • looks like they’re not quite ready to powercreep out RaDra yet…
      (which a purchasable DKali would likely foretell)


      • Probably because we just had HKali. ‘-_- I just need one for Sakuya. Maybe we’ll get a R/L.Kali for valentine’s REM. here’s hoping. An MP D or L Kali levels the field a bit for non or light-IAP…maybe that’s what they don’t want.


        • Leaving RKali, in the PEM, and not purchasable is probably the smartest thing Gung-Ho can do. People and whales will keep on rolling to get those DKali’s….

          and I can’t really blame them.


          • Yeah, it sadly never crossed my mind that they wouldn’t make her available via MP. It was only a question of whether they’d make both or only RKali. It was indeed smart of them… maybe shrewd is a better adjective.


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