I Made This Thing, What Do I Do With It?


send help pls


22 thoughts on “I Made This Thing, What Do I Do With It?

  1. Farm rogues as if they were goemon. Well maybe 3-4 minutes a run.

    It’s embarrassing how easy they become. You can basically get an mp dragon in a few days.


    • Do I need to fully plus him for any sort of efficiency? I have one, working on evo’ing it (kinda got it on a last minute plan). You say mp drag in a few days, but i feel like it takes awhile to get an MP drag just by farming rogues lol, have you managed to get one like this?


  2. Hey Setsu, I own a discord server focused on farming with MZeus that branched out from the reddit discord server. If you can usually probably find a partner, since there are usually around 40 people on at most times, even late at night. So if you really wanted to, you probably could find someone who could farm MZeus, MHera, rogues, etc with you.


  3. That is anot amazing accomplishment! I’m sad to say it, but I haven’t even tried mech Zeus yet. I started farming arena 2.0 and procrastinated on making a farming team for it.

    Setsu, what team did you use to acquire that beast? I have a Xing Mei team with 3 XM, uriel and gradius. I also have Sephiroth too, which I feel will be my best bet in farming mech zeus.


    • I used Sephiroth to farm SDRs and got this thing in the process. He’s probably your best bet for farming, but I’d assume Xiang Mei would be able to clear it. How well, I’m not sure.

      I used Nez’s team which requires Odin Dragon, but even if you don’t have it there are plenty of team comps that can be used to clear the dungeon.


  4. Whoa nice! I beat his dungeon a few times (first time like a hundred ranks back with awoken anubis, and then rukia afterwards). I’m planning on getting You Yu as soon as he comes. Do you think he can farm mzeus consistently?


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