Weekly Roundup 36


The Past Week:

  • Last week’s roundup
  • Updated PADherder
  • 6 ranks – This probably would’ve been closer to 8 ranks had 1.5x EXP not overwritten 1.5x drops for most of the waking weekend. This is a huge oversight by GungHo. They should either make alternate 1.5x drop dungeons available on the weekend or not schedule 1.5x EXP during 3x normals. Or at the very least swap the schedules between Sat and Sun so we have at least one day to get some good farming in. I understand 1.5x EXP is good for some players, but they should make some concessions to the players that only want +eggs.
  • Instead of farming +eggs all weekend, I got a lot of good farming in on Diablo III which was surprisingly fun. The game has come a long ways since launch, but there’s still so many frustrating things about the game; I don’t think any game has made me rage so much as D3. I also caught up on my anime backlog, but it would’ve been nice to also be farming +eggs during that time.

Next Week and Beyond:

  • JP gave us more GFEs rather than giving us more awoken Norse or Egypt 2 uevos. Hopefully they get back on track this week.
  • I’m expecting, and dreading, Halloween spoilers soon.
  • This long ass event continues for NA. In the case we get more uevos, the next wave should be Artemis, Amaterasu and Yomi. I don’t foresee them skipping them, but if for some reason they do the wave after that is Ame no Uzume, Osiris and Nut.
  • It’s time to get your jewel farming in if you need them as I’m assuming latent invades will come at least once every other event. Cauchemar finally gets a decent jewel invade so I’m going to take the opportunity to max skill one, finally. I’m also looking at Hera-Is to get some light jewels for Awoken Sakuya and I can also skill up Santa Hera for super-niche Shiva Dragon applications.

21 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup 36

  1. What class do you play in DIII? I play that game a ton and mostly play Lightning Nat’s build on my DH. Also have full Ancient UE on another DH with a pretty sick Ancient Yang’s. Too badt UE is only good in groups and kinda blows compared to Nats in solo Grifts.

    I have a Vyr’s Wizard too, but that play style gives me carpal tunnel.

    In other news, I blew 9 packs trying to land Kaede and Vishnu and got neither and really just got a bunch of dupes except for Orochi (well i got a third Rodin which was nice)…. that was a painful endeavor. AND then they announced the halloween thing and as soon as I saw that halloween izanami i through my wallet at the screen.


    • With RoS, I usually main DH or WD, whichever is generally regarded as better for that given season. This season I’m maining a Helltooth WD. I just can’t enjoy the melee classes and I burned out on wizard after playing the class to death during vanilla. I’d say I’m a pretty casual player now as PAD occupies most of my free time.

      Ouch, that’s some pretty bad luck. At At least you have plenty of MP for whatever they put in the shop for Halloween. I’m pretty damned scared of the Halloween REM. I mean if they make a 9-star Halloween Meimei or Haku I don’t know what I’d do.


  2. I should add nothing in D3 makes me rage as hard as going something like 0/25 during 2.5x skill-ups. I’m curious to know what made you so mad.


    • I don’t know, when I’m “pushing” GRs (although that’s only like upper 50’s for me right now haha) and you get 10+ shit cave maps with ghosts in a row then you finally hit the boss with a couple minutes left and you get some one-shot shit like Perdition. I know there’s ways to work around it, but as a more casual player these days the bad streaks of RNG make me rage pretty hard.

      I guess I’m just used to it on PAD now. I don’t really get mad on bad skill up streaks anymore, but I will say when I get 15+ blue and/or green fruits in a row, that still makes me rage pretty hard.


      • I really hate Perdition. His 1 shot needs a more obvious animation than it currently has. Right now it looks extremely similar to his frontal cone attack.


    • Well don’t forget about all the chibis they’re guaranteed to shove in there that’ll hurt your chances of getting even the Halloween silvers >_>


      • So true. I actually don’t really want anything from the Halloween REM that badly, but I’m pessimistically planning on spending a pack to get the Halloween silvers.


      • They’ve revealed the full lineup for the Halloween REM, and boy is it diluted with junk… chibis are the same as Summer REM (DMeta, LMeta, Ronia, Valk, Lilith, Tsukuyomi, Luci, DQ Hera, Dancing Queen Hera). There’s also the full wizard set (minus Red Chester and wood Wee Jas), Fairy Tales (puke), and Archdemons thrown in for “good” measure.

        I’m not even sure if I want to chase after Thoth&Sopdet or HIza anymore.


  3. For some reason D3 doesn’t make me rage much at all. Though (as a Wizard) I do hate those damn ghosts fly through walls and suck your health. I played a lot upon the release of 2.3 and got on the leaderboard, but Wizard was pretty trashy in comparison to WD or Barb.

    PAD only makes me rage a little. Mostly when I fuck up a combo or accidentally hit a huge combo against a 200k+ absorb. Waiting for descends to come by (to evolve stuff) is also irritating…they FINALLY brought Sphinx back around today. I’d been waiting over a month to get Awoken Ra (and less importantly Horus).

    I rolled Ra literally 3 minutes after Sphinx descend had just passed by 😡

    Hard to complain too much since he was the leader I wanted most in the entire game 😛


  4. Something I’ve been wondering, is 1.5x Jewel invade bonus for Rushes always stated explicitly in the event details? It seems like they don’t surface this info anywhere ingame and I can’t find any confirmation other than old FB news posts saying “*Spirit Jewels invades may appear at 1.5x rates!*”


    • Yes, it should be stated explicitly. If it isn’t stated, I’d assume it’s not on. GungHo NA isn’t all that reliable with their announcements, though, but I don’t think it’s worth the stamina to test it.


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