Fist of the North Star Collab Rolls 2015.11.30 – Roll Until Raoh

Fuck Kenshiro.


19 thoughts on “Fist of the North Star Collab Rolls 2015.11.30 – Roll Until Raoh

    • Probably just Conqueror. I’m assuming there’s going to be bonus drop days even though PDX doesn’t list them yet, but even if there aren’t I want to use the weekend to farm +eggs so I’ll likely just farm Conqueror with its 100% drop rate throughout the week.


      • I did this for U13 the past two weeks. Got a total of four skillups for two weeks’ worth of natural stamina AND seven stones’ worth, along with four level ups. All in all, be glad Raoh doesn’t take 10 skill levels to max 😛

        Side note: Once I can farm Arena, I’m pii-ing the bastards. I REALLY want to use them, but a 16 turn CD is not even close to acceptable.


  1. Best NA Collab monsters, worst collab REM.

    Went through the same to get Ken and Raoh the first time the collab was here. Rolled 5 today to see if i got a ‘freebie’ Yuria (like i got HKali), got nothing…no more rolls. (Bought her with MP)


  2. Man, that was brutal…and here I was raging over my two Tokis as my only golds. During your first ~100 stones or so, I was almost convinced that Mamiya had been stealth-boosted to gold egg rates, since it took me 24 rolls to get her, and you went through a tooon of other silvers before she appeared again.

    I’m just gonna tell myself that she’s actually a gold egg, and then maybe I’ll feel slightly better about all the money I just lit on fire… T_T


  3. All that done while players choice god fest was going on???!! Lol I’m a little new,, but That doesn’t make a whole tun of sense to me…


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