Latent Resist Farming 12/11


5×4 Legend Plus Latent Resist Tamadra Farming
Date Dungeon Runs Stamina Type Drops Drop % Stam / Drop
12/11/2015 Hera-Ur 98 4900 Fire 20 20.41% 245.00

The invade rate seems to be similar to the one for the normal latent tamas. Which is nice because I’m going to farm like 100 dark resists when that rolls around.

The 5×4 dungeon itself is only mildly annoying. I used a pretty standard team of Shiva Dragon / Ares / Ares / Yamato Takeru / Ra / Shiva Dragon. The key is rationing the limited amount of fire orbs you get throughout the entire dungeon. It’s usually smart to save some orbs from your Ares orb changes for the next floor. You really want to one-shot everything because the incoming damage is fairly high and the smaller board means you’ll get less hearts to play with. Having two skill delay resists on a Shiva Dragon is also invaluable.

I really, really wish we had gotten Legelonte Descended already for Cerberus Rider skill ups. Yes, that Cerberus Rider. His two-turn cooldown would be amazing for dealing with both the tama invade and Ifrit. I’m not willing to drop five Badpys on him even with the Arena, so I just had to deal with it. Fortunately, I probably won’t have to farm this dungeon again any time soon.


2 thoughts on “Latent Resist Farming 12/11

  1. i been using my yomidragon team for this (with an unskilled cerberus rider). I farmed 5, but after looking at this i’m gonna go hit the Hera-Ur again…


  2. 20% drop rate is pretty reasonable, I’ll definitely have to farm up a few. Ugh, going to have to buy more bank space lol, damn you gungho!!!!


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