Farmable Monster Analysis: Aegir

2383 - Awoken Aegir

Aegir is perhaps the worst descended evo material to date. His active is reminiscent of the Late Bloomers; in other words, not very good even with the increased uptime. His awakenings are also fairly poor as orb enhances aren’t particularly unique for a farmable monster and there’s now a decent selection of farmable skill bind resists. Perhaps his most attractive asset is his 4,108 HP, a stat that many newer players can struggle with. Since there’s not much to talk about here, I’m going to keep this post as short as possible.

Uses as a Leader

Aegir’s leader skill is about what one would expect from a descended evo material, topping out at 3x ATK and giving small HP and RCV buffs to physical monsters. Then you realize that it’s not unconditional, but requires you to make both water and wood combos; something very restrictive for such low returns. In short, this leader skill is hopeless.

Alternate Leader Pairs

1602 - Apex Blue Flower Dragon, Starling2279 - Vigorous Hunt Gods, Umisachi & Yamasachi2074 - Awoken Karin1674 - Norn of the Future, Skuld2010 - Awoken Isis
If you’re serious about making an Aegir team, your best bet is to not pair with another Aegir. Considering his damage enhance lasts for six turns, which also happens to be the duration of the cooldown, there’s no point in having two on a team. A good, farmable leader to pair with would be Starling who also uses water and wood to activate. For REM options, U&Y, Karin, Skuld, and Isis are somewhat compatible.

Possible Subs

1602 - Apex Blue Flower Dragon, Starling2279 - Vigorous Hunt Gods, Umisachi & Yamasachi2074 - Awoken Karin1674 - Norn of the Future, Skuld1303 - Marine Rider, Bard Robin2287 - Paradise Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia
But if you had any of them, you’d be better off leading with them instead (okay, maybe not Marine Rider).

Uses as a Sub

I don’t think there’s much reason to waste time analyzing Aegir as a sub. To get right to the point, consider these other farmable water damage enhancers:

1920 - Phantom Icedragon, Mirage Plesios1095 - Water Twin Star Leviathan

Aegir’s active has the uptime advantage (100% vs. 25%), but it’s also limited to physical types instead of water and has a smaller multiplier (1.2x vs. 1.3x). He also has the advantage of having a skill bind resist. Other than that, Plesios and Leviathan put Aegir to shame. Plesios has two TPAs and a skill boost and Leviathan has two rows, a TPA and a skill boost, basically blowing Aegir’s OEs out of the water. The dragons are also easier to skill up; they might require 23 levels, but water Chimeras are quite easy to farm. They’re both also physical, meaning they’re generally better than Aegir on water-based physical teams. Aegir has nice HP, but if you’re fishing for stats you may as well use something that’s easier to get like Kenshin.

So considering Aegir is pretty much worse than a few other poor, farmable options, there’s really no point comparing him to something like I&I.


You’ll get an Aegir for I&I or the stone, but outside that it’s quite obvious that he isn’t worth your time. Although if you’re into old dudes riding dolphin-like things, that’s cool.

If I missed anything or you have suggestions to improve this post, please let me know in the comments and I’ll update the post.


17 thoughts on “Farmable Monster Analysis: Aegir

    • I’ve been playing PAD for almost 1000 days suffering through countless silly waifus waiting for this moment. Old dudes riding dolphins, I knew it would one day be all worth it.


  1. He’s the only farmable god b/g sub option for those who don’t have a REM one. You either use Aegir or the Pirate.


    • He’s a bit outdated, but still valuable as a farmable orb changer. His skill ups are expensive, but at a base 11-turns he’s still usable unskilled. The awakenings are nice for a farmable. He makes a good sub for leaders like Skuld, Karin, Nut, Sarasvati; basically any water lead that doesn’t rely on hearts. There’s no reason to use him as a leader.


  2. Maybe he’s good for a farmable pew pew team?

    Standard pew pew subs:
    Red Odin – CD=15, SB=3, DMG=107k
    A.Ra – CD=7, SB=2, DMG=77k
    A.Goemon – CD=15, SB=1, DMG=200k

    How about Aegir?
    Aegir – CD=6, SB=0, DMG=64k

    Possibly something like Goemon/Aegir/Aegir/Tengu/Tengu/R.Odin. That’d be 5 floors of pew pew, with 3 turns of charging. Not ideal, but doable with non-IAP.


        • You can challenge mode FT4 or T5s. That only requires you to make ROdin and Goemon friends instead of using resources on raising a bad team that has almost no use elsewhere.

          Your proposed team doesn’t do enough damage for floor 5 of Star Vault. The lack of skill boosts makes Aegir a pretty poor choice as a substitute for any push button team. If you’re going to be doing matches anyways, you may as well bring a more consistent team. Push button teams are a luxury for those whose biggest resource constraint is time; that usually doesn’t describe a non-IAP player. It’s a cute idea, but doesn’t have any real practical use.


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