Challenge Dungeons 14 Lv10 – Spica

Had to bust out full tank mode for this one. Just waiting for Odin Dragon (and hopefully 10x) to come back before I try Arena.


11 thoughts on “Challenge Dungeons 14 Lv10 – Spica

  1. I think you have to wait for arena 2 to arrive before you can try it! 😀
    But I have a question for Spica teams:

    I could run the exact same team, but I also have Australis, is there a place for him on this team?


    • Australis is tempting to run on Spica since the team could certainly use the offensive boost from the rows and burst from his active, but he’s just not a great fit. The skill boost issue is brutal and he only complicates it. You can usually tank your way past that problem, but bad skyfall RNG or something like Satan on the first floor and you’re screwed. I also really like Odin Dragon and Michael’s auto-heals on the tanky version of the team as she becomes extremely difficult to kill, even through poor heart skyfall. Also, the wood skyfall buff isn’t that great when you’re going tanky since you’d rather have hearts fall.


  2. I can’t for the life of me roll a Michael. Any alternatives as a sub instead of him? Are the auto heals more important or the orb changing?


  3. I cleared C10 for the first time ever!! Ok well…it was a 1-stone…so…ashamed…. But I guess for my first ever clear, I can’t expect to do perfect. I can now be part of the “c10” club…right? ……riiiiight?

    Next time I try again it will be with a fully hypermaxed Thor x Saria team. Apocalypse still has absolutely zero +eggs on him which is a problem and probably led to why I 1-stoned (I didn’t one-shot DQ Hera, I left her with like 10% HP, forcing me to waste actives, leading to death by Meimei since they weren’t up in time).


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