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Account background: I’m playing this account for my friend. It is non-IAP outside the various special deals. The purpose of this account is to see how far I can take it being non-IAP, but I eventually envision spending money on it in order to co-op farm with my main. The initial box review can be found here; the entire series here.

Previous update

Another quick post, but I wanted to get something out before the previous godfest started to fade from my memory.

Godfest Rolls


The PCGF is coming in a month or so, but I went ahead and rolled day 1 anyways. The reasoning behind it isn’t quite as sound as I would’ve liked, but there is the breakdown of my thought process:

  • Day 1 featured Raphael and Ganesha who are among my most wanted cards. Ganesha in particular. However, the PCGF is likely to feature both so this wasn’t a factor in choosing to roll this day.
  • Of cards featured on day 1 but were unlikely to make it into the PCGF lineup, I wanted: Uriel, Gabriel, Krishna, Sarasvati, and Vishnu (although I guess I could conceive of a world where Krishna makes it). Assuming that the NA PCGF will be full of 6-star GFEs and light and dark heart-cross subs, I believe this lineup featured better cards for this account. The only card I want that is likely to make the PCGF that isn’t featured this day is Orochi.
  • Day 1 also featured Australis, perhaps the only GFE I actually want at this point and one that almost certainly won’t make the PCGF.
  • On the other hand, the PCGF is almost guaranteed to feature Liu Bei who is probably the most valuable card in the game and the only card I want for this account as much as Ganesha.

So, basically, the day 1 lineup is just about on par with a theoretical PCGF. So what titled the scales was something I frequently recommend in my Godfest Help Posts: if you need something to work on, roll now. I’m putting the finish touches on almost all of my main teams so there’s not much to work on outside skilling up garbage like CyberDragons that I’ll probably never use. I don’t think sacrificing a month’s time to basically only have Liu Bei featured instead of Australis was worth it; a lot can happen in four weeks including chances to farm easy skill ups. Furthermore, it’s entirely reasonable to raise a decent amount of stones in the month leading up to the PCGF (I still have a ton of challenge modes to clear) so why not roll in both?

Anyways, here’s the roll-by-roll breakdown:

Card Notes
1334 - Vishnu I actually considered stopping here. Vishnu is a very strong card and fits well with the wood cards I already have. Bastet was this account’s best team before I took over and I wouldn’t mind reviving it once revo Bastet is released. I’d also like to play around with using him as a leader. I don’t look forward to skilling him up.
1076 - Red Sky Fruit, Strawberry Dragon Yeah, I probably should’ve stopped on Vishnu. We’ve got no choice but to continue now, right? Right?
626 - Raphael

Rewarded for greed. I wanted Raphael ever since I inherited this account. He technically qualifies as my third most wanted card, but there’s a huge fall off from the top two — Liu Bei and Ganesha — and it’s very likely that Freyja, Sanada, Orochi, or Vritra have surpassed him in actual usefulness at this point. MZeus has fallen out of favor lately, but I’m still glad I have access to this active as there are plenty of farming situations where he’ll come in handy.

628 - Archangel Lucifer

And punished. Unless his awoken form gets a huge makeover like his Archdemon alter ego did, I have a hard time seeing this card ever being relevant again.

911 - Red Dragon Caller, Sonia This account has almost no use for a dupe RSonia, let alone the first one.
1898 - Dark Dragon Swordsman

Those PAD BT silvers are looking pretty good right now.

2640 - Fenrir

I hear Google gives you a suicide hotline phone number when you search for “how to tie a noose”. I can now confirm this firsthand. The only use I ever got out of Fenrir on my main was solo MZeus farming with Sephiroth. With MAthena making MZeus farming a joke, there’s no need for that anymore.

2942 - Sherias Roots

For some reason I confused this with Fenrir Viz and was close to dialing that number. I’ve been wanting to expand my team repertoire and Roots is a good opportunity to do so. The main problem is that my two best subs for him, both being Ragnarok Dragon, will have random skills inherited on them for MAthena. This is something that also prevents me from committing to my Ronove team. While it’s certainly possible to work around that, I’m not sure it’s worth the effort. So, as unfortunate as it sounds, this 6-star will likely collect dust in my box for a while.

628 - Archangel Lucifer

I don’t even know.

368 - Freyr

You know what’s worse than rolling a dupe? Rolling two dupes in a row. You know what’s worse than that? That second dupe being a card that isn’t even at featured rates. I’ve already finished off my Awoken Freyr so I’ll have to decide which form is best for sitting in my box and doing nothing. It might actually just be another awoken; at least I can use that as a damage enhance assist skill for Summer Myr.

2188 - Thundering CyberDragon, Shedar


1657 - Evil Knight, Creuse

Bleh. Also a dupe.

1336 - Ganesha Jackpot. Literally. Despite the somewhat poor run since landing Raph, this single roll validated the entire batch. Now I’m really hoping BvS returns after Halloween is over. I’m quite happy to have finished my Nazca already, now I just need to look up relevant teams.
2093 - Phoenix Rider

It’s somewhat sad how damage shields have diminished in importance.

2143 - Indigo Dragon Caller, Sumire

While the first Sumire is a core member of my Summer Myr team, a dupe isn’t nearly as useful. Her haste helps tie the entire team together, but a second would lower the team’s damage potential too much. If she ever gets a sub split uevo like Tsubaki I’d obviously have to reconsider, especially if it also came with two skill boosts.

2141 - Scarlet Dragon Caller, Tsubaki

My third Tsubaki. Despite the recent buffs, there’s really no use for her in this box. Even if I were to roll a Minerva or Ilm, I’m never going to solo farm Arena 1 on this account so there’s no point.

1952 - Black Beast Demon, Zuoh

And the last roll is non-featured GFE. How in the hell? Luckily, the first Zuoh is pretty good. It’s the several that come after that hurt.


Can one roll really validate a batch of generally awful ones? It sure feels like it. Ganesha is going to be one of my most used cards once his uuevo hits. I feel like the only standard REM card that has a comparable amount of value is Liu Bei. Vishnu, Raphael, Roots, and Zuoh are all pretty solid and give me plenty to work on. Despite the rest of the rolls being trash, I’m pretty happy with the outcome. I would’ve liked more overall value since the chance of hitting dupes on this account is relatively low, but despite some bad luck I was still able to come away with some key cards.

Plans for the Future

I’m going to use this section to keep track of the cards I want to raise as it’s too easy for me to forget what I have to do. This list is ordered loosely by priority.

The highest priority is prepping for Ganesha. What this actually entails, I’m not sure, but I need to set aside some time to watch some JP videos to get an idea. I’d imagine I’ll mainly be using Nazca with Dioses since this account lacks the sub repertoire to make the button teams, but I still want to get a better idea of what’s going on.

A parallel priority is to finally move on from hardcore Zaerog∞ farming and focus on Arena 1. The main reason Zaerog was so great for this account was that the Super Kings were extremely valueable. Outside freebies like Snow Globes and PAL rolls, an overwhelming majority of my EXP came from this dungeon which was enough to max level almost all of my key cards. After buying two Ragnarok Dragons, MP is also less of an issue. So it only makes sense to divert my efforts into Arena 1 and skilling up my box. Once I hit 300k MP again, I’ll probably shift to Py farming full-time.

Overarching Goals

  • Cao Cao stuff – Done
  • Prep GOdin for MAthena – Done
  • Save stones for Ganesha – Done
  • Gather remaining evo materials for MAthena and Ragnarok Dragon – Done
  • Ganesha prep
  • Arena 1 farming


  • MAthena – Done. Still need skill ups; all Woodpys will go here.
  • Ragnarok Dragon #1 – Done
  • Ragnarok Dragon #2 – Done
  • Kotodama – Done
  • Bartz
  • Amaterasu
  • Ceres Ana
  • Ronove – Done
  • Robin Hood – Done

Liu Bei

  • Alnair – Done
  • Masamune – Done
  • Fafnir

Cao Cao

  • Surtr – Done
  • RSonia

Summer Myr

  • Christmas Paulina

MHera Arena 1

  • MHera
  • Summer Claire – Done
  • Dill Sirius
  • Grisar


  • MZeus
  • Raphael
  • Venus
  • Thouzer
  • Kopis
  • Pollux #2


  • Elia
  • Nordis
  • Myr
  • Sakuya
  • LValk Ana – Done
  • Goemon #2
  • Vishnu
  • Roots
  • Zuoh

11 thoughts on “NA Alt Update 11

  1. do you still consider LB as good now that we know about blue LB from the girl rem?

    I’m personally regarding the blue australis thing as a better version of current LB where you dont have to suffer from skyfalls slowing you down.

    Plus it seems like Blodin/SSasuke inherit Toshiro will be amazing

    what a time to be alive


    • To be honest, I didn’t even really think about using her as a farming lead. That’s how far removed I am from associating water and farming. That actually does sound pretty amazing. I think no skyfall alone makes her better than Liu Bei as that was the biggest drawback of running that team. The question is how many people will actually be able to run such a team. So, for plebs, Liu Bei still represents better value.

      Sigh, so now do I actually have to roll this bait REM for a specific card? Guess it’s time to work more overtime :^)


  2. Hey Setsu,

    I know that Ganesha’s exp boost and allowing you to get more exp control per rank is very valuable, but outside of that.. is there much use to him? I feel like when you are lower level, getting to a higher rank might be more useful for like 250 rem or enough team costs.. constant leveling for endless runs.. but at higher ranks, is the constant leveling will needed it? Like what is the benefit from leveling say from 550 to like 600?

    I also only see him used in Monday Dungeons, so hes only valuable for that one day right?

    Maybe you can explain to me why hes so highly sought after for you.


    • Ganesha is probably worst for low rank players (like 600 or below) since you don’t really need any help chaining rank ups. The only real exception is to hit 150 or 250 before a reset, but even then that’s questionable because that roll is worth like what, maybe 10 stones? With badges you don’t really need to worry about early-game team cost anymore (although there’s something to be said about the eventual Maniac badges we’ll get, but almost all early rankers won’t have access to those anyways).

      Mid ranks (600-800) there is some contention on whether you should use him. There’s basically two ways to look at it: 1) you can’t farm efficiently while also ranking up at a decent rate so you should just farm rank so you can reach a better stamina per stone rate sooner or 2) you believe the time between rank ups is still tolerable and you should still prioritize using your “free” stamina as efficiently as possible i.e. not squander it on dungeons that only give rank up EXP. So what it comes down to is what you believe is an efficient use of time. Non-IAP should probably lean towards (2).

      Personally, I’ll use him when it makes sense. If I’m in the mood to play a lot, I’ll be more inclined to use him so I can take advantage of the free stamina, even if it isn’t necessarily spent on worthwhile dungeons. I can also see using him in biweeklies and other such trash dungeons because why not lower the time between rank up stamina whenever you can. While I think farming rank is a waste, it’s still a useful tool to hit rank up stamina more often.

      For late ranks (800-900), the time between rank ups is so long that rank up EXP hardly means anything. So when you start to approach 800 or higher you should probably just sprint to 900 to get the better stone efficiency sooner. This is when farming Monday or Mechdragons or whatever comes in. It’s still possible to be patient at this point, but to do so you’re going to have to mix in a stone or two to rank up at a decent rate.

      Past 900, well, there’s not much point in ranking up. It’s so expensive stone-wise, even with Ganesha, that you should really only push for personal milestones. There should really be more reward for ranking up at this point.


  3. The way I get around being able to use my 2 ragdra for both ronove and mathena is that on the first one, I inherit an avalon drake (for burst board on kali with mathena) but only partially skill it up so that it won’t get too much in the way running on ronove. For 2nd one, I put on indra, which can be useful anywhere, but primarily can be useful for tanking kali’s first turn hit on both teams. There are certainly other ways to circumvent the problem, but this has been working for me nicely thus far 🙂


    • *Awoken indra. Which I like more since lower cd and haste is more important than the 3rd turn since I’m not trying to deal with like 2 heradra hits or something.


  4. That is some amazing luck right there aside from the two Archangel Lucifers hahaha. Congratulations on netting such useful rolls!

    Vishnu is pretty top on my wishlist, I have always loved Bastet but my team for her was never, ever optimal.


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