Godfest Help Post: 9/17-9/18

Grading scale. The individual grade is a composite grade of all monsters in it relative to all other pantheons. The combined grade is a composite of all monsters in both pantheons relative to all other combinations of pantheons. Combined grades are not an average of the individual grades, but based on the normal distribution of all possible two-pantheon combinations.
Godfest: Chinese & Greek 9/17, Heroes & Egypt 2 9/18
Day 1 Day 2
Chinese Greek Heroes Egypt 2
Individual B B+ B+ B-
Combined B+ B
Individual B+ B+ A+ C
Combined B+ B
Individual B B+ A C+
Combined B+ B

This is a help thread, so please feel free to ask questions on just about anything concerning the godfest or your teams, box and progress in general.

Please read the rules before posting, especially if this is your first time:

  • I will only take box questions that supply a PADherder. It makes it much, much easier for me to give good advice this way (you could say I can’t give good advice without the sorting options). Try PadListener to sync if you’re on Android (if it works for you), otherwise use this method.
  • Box/roll questions that don’t supply rank, IAP status and main teams will be ignored. Any other information you want to supply will only help.
  • Please check the FAQ after the break before asking a question. Questions that aren’t covered by the FAQ will be prioritized; questions that don’t may be ignored.
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  • I’ll close the post for comments a few hours after the godfest ends.
  • Any comments breaking the rules will be removed without warning.


This is FAQ is a work in progress.

  • I’m rank 200 or lower and low- or non-IAP, should I roll for X god? – In general, no. Even if the RNG gods blessed you and you just need that one god to perfect your team, early on you should be focusing on accumulating stones and waiting for a high-value godfest. You want to accumulate value to increase the overall quality of your box so you have more team options in the future; not only is the meta always shifting, but there’s no single team in the game that can clear all content. The Player’s Choice Godfest is generally the best value early on, but normal godfests can be plenty good nowadays depending on the combination. Pantheons that have a wide variety of uses like the Heroes, Chinese and Three Kingdoms are great. Minimizing dupe chances should also be a high priority. Also, don’t underestimate the effect the current gala can have on your rolls and be sure to factor in the GFEs that are omitted or have reduced chance (i.e. you want to maximize your chances to roll DKali).
  • Which MP Dragon should I buy? – This image isn’t perfect, but sums it up nicely. Credit for the image goes to fether from the subreddit. If there’s ever an updated version, please point me toward it.
  • Why is X monster rated higher than Y monster? – The monster ratings aren’t there to be an accurate, authoritative resource on a card’s power, but are more used as a ballpark estimate to give a relative idea of how useful a given card or pantheon is which is used to help evaluate godfests.
  • Why is the overall rating not an average of the lead and sub ratings? – Long story short, when grades are given using the normal distribution, cards that are both good as leaders and subs get a boost while ones that are bad as both get penalized. This is because most cards in the game are usually only good at one role, not both.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 1, 9/17
Name Lead Sub Overall
2073 - Awoken LeilanLeilan B B+ B
2074 - Awoken KarinKarin B B+ B
2075 - Awoken MeimeiMeimei B B+ B
2389 - Awoken SakuyaSakuya B+ B B+
2076 - Awoken HakuHaku B B+ B+
2747 - Awoken AresAres B B+ B+
2748 - Awoken HermesHermes B B+ B+
2749 - Awoken ArtemisArtemis B+ B+ B+
2750 - Awoken ApolloApollo B+ B+ B+
2751 - Awoken PersephonePersephone B+ B+ B+

To think that only half a year ago this would’ve been one of the best possible godfest lineups. Despite neither pantheon playing well in the heart-cross meta, their raw power can’t be denied, even the Chinese whose awokens are relatively old at this point. The Greeks’ double orb changes are naturally powerful, but what puts them over the top is the flexibility of having three relevant ultimates. Both pantheons are still fairly relevant for co-op where heart making isn’t nearly as important. This day is a good opportunity for new players to increase the overall power of their box. It’s also good value for those looking to pick up some of the featured GFEs and don’t have a high dupe risk.

Grading scale. Ratings are weighed in favor of endgame viability. Ratings try to take the latest JP updates into consideration. The overall grade is not an average and is based on the normal distribution of the combined lead and sub ratings.
Day 2, 9/18
Name Lead Sub Overall
2657 - Heroic God-Emperor, Yamato TakeruYamato Takeru B+ A A-
2658 - Adored Starsea Goddess, AndromedaAndromeda B A B+
2659 - Brave Vanquishing Deity, PerseusPerseus B A B+
2660 - Fervent Monkey King, Sun WukongSun Wukong B A B+
2662 - Awoken PandoraPandora A- A A
Egypt 2
2384 - Ruling Firestorm God, SetSet B- B+ B
2385 - Divine Galaxy Goddess, NutNut B- B- B-
2386 - Soul-Judging God of Dark Riches, OsirisOsiris B B B
2387 - Sacred Life Goddess of the Colored Sky, HathorHathor B D C-
2388 - Soaring Night Goddess of the Dead, NephthysNephthys B- B- B-

The Heroes are the best pantheon for subs hands down. Even before the heart-cross meta, being able to increase your offense and healing in a single orb change was invaluable and they generally have better awakenings than the Archangels. Which makes it sad that they’re paired with one of the worst overall pantheons in the game in Egypt 2. While the Sengoku splits and Indian 2 uuevos certainly give hope that Egypt 2 will receive some nice upgrades in the future, as it stands, they’re pretty much useless.

So, if you’re in the market for some Heroes, is it worth rolling? If you’ve been following my alt updates at all, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the next Heroes godfest and despite the horrendous Egypt 2 pairing and Kaede not appearing at boosted rates, I’m still going to roll. While my alt could certainly use rolls from day 1, I think that the Heroes are just that good and I have faith that Egypt 2 will become usable within the next few months (I would kill for Nepythys to get a uuevo close to the Indian 2s). Godfests are always a crapshoot, but I think the Heroes are worth the risk.

Oh, there’s also the new GFEs. None of which are particularly exciting. Paimon is by far the best of the bunch, being the best leader (still inferior to Myr) and a good Myr sub. Dantalion is a mediocre leader and with no great fire heart-crosser he has no great home as a sub. Sitri, the only 5-star, isn’t very good, but a double orb change that doesn’t break hearts could have its uses.


80 thoughts on “Godfest Help Post: 9/17-9/18

  1. As I’m still getting over my illness, I might not be able to get to everyone’s questions. Considering past interest and it being the weekend, I’ll try to get to about 15 questions, but I’ll call it off early if I don’t feel up to it. I can’t say I’ll get to any questions tonight, either, but I’ll try my best.

    Also, giving us like 6-7 hours notice… that’s pretty crap GungHo. Considering EU gets like a day and JP usually gets several days.


  2. Bah, can’t decide if I want to roll or not. I am desperate for Yamato, Andromeda, and Wukong and only own Nut from E2 but the Dragon Callers being at x1 is a huge turnoff for me. Additionally I still do want Haku and I’d LOVE an Apollo. However I think day 2 is more relevant for me. With Krishnas upcoming uuevo making me hyped beyond the hype I’ve ever felt before (except for maybe Awoken Amaterasu ), Day 2 is more relevant for me. I hope I don’t get 4 silvers like last time. 4x GFES might as well be 0x for me.

    The wait for Krishna is going to kill me I swear. There’s already Arena clears from all three levels solo plastered all over YouTube from Japan.

    I hope you feel better soon!!!! Being sick sucks


    • Yeah, it’s been annoying that the JP Callers haven’t been 100% featured the last few godfests because just landing that one random Kaede can open so many doors. Without knowing more, I’d probably still roll day 2.

      Food poisoning sucks. I’m through the worst of it, but the lingering nausea makes it hard to concentrate.


      • Augh food poisoning is the worst >.<

        Well I ended up with:
        GZL (sold)
        Dragonette (sold)
        Red Sonia (this is my first one which I find hilarious)
        Ronove (out of all the GFEs I DIDN'T want that I didn't have yet…this was the one)
        Zuoh (Up top on my wishlist so I'm actually really happy about this one)
        Set (don't have him yet ayyyyy)
        Ryune (second one, why couldn't she have been a different 6* GFE?!)
        Cameo (…wat)
        Michael (I used to want him a long long time ago and I love his art and so yay?)

        I'm sad no Heroes. I've been rolling pretty repetitively when they come around too and all I have to show for it is 2 Perseus and 3 Pandora (I mean technically I have "five" Heroes). At least I didn't get troll-gold'd or silver-egg trolled. Technically speaking, I have great RNG this fest. But I didn't really get anything I needed. Not even sure who to replace on my ALuci team for Zuoh.

        Debating rolling more but PCGF should be happening in two or three months. Predicting Kaede at #1 this time and still nobody will get her.

        Is Ronove still good enough as an inheritance stick? His skill does have a short cooldown.


        • As a sub, Ronove really only has use on MAthena. Not having any offensive awakenings makes him generally unusable.

          And yeah, those are some pretty nice rolls, but I totally understand when you don’t roll what you want that it feels disappointing.


        • I had a similar one.

          Ronove(Eh, good stats but not much else)
          2nd Serias(Inheritance for Venus)
          2nd Vritra(Not much use for it, probably will sell)
          2nd Satsuki(I need another for inheritance so i’ll take it)
          Tsubaki(Yes! Been trying to get a dragon caller for a while)
          2nd Diadem(Useful on Mechhera, but not much else)
          2nd Sylvie(Ugh, why not a Kaede, or like any other 6*)


  3. Hi Setsu,

    Long time lurker, first time commenter.

    I’m a rank 294 Non-IAP player who’s currently got 77 stones saved up. Padherder is https://www.padherder.com/user/mechturk%40gmail.com I main Sumire and I&I/Ryune, but

    I’ve currently got 77 stones saved, and am wondering if I should roll and if so which day(s)? I mean, Andromeda and Nut on day 2 would both be dream subs for my Sumire team, but outside of that, IDK? I think, outside of a strongish but quite limited blue box, I just need more overall box development, as I’m ready to start branching out a bit into a few more teams. It’d be nice if I could get some decent subs for a future A. Izanagi -> Myr, or my very WIP Awoken Ra teams, but also if there’s any decent leads for non-blue teams?

    At this stage, pantheon-wise, I’d be pretty happy with: Any of the Chinese series, any of Greco-Roman 2, any of Heroes (except dupe Wukong), and maybe Set/Nut/Nephthys out of Egypt 2? GFE-wise, day 1 looks nicer because of norns, kalis and JP callers?

    Hope you get better too!


    • Yes, you definitely need to start acquiring new REM cards for your box. So the decision as to which day to roll comes down to whether you want to maximize value (day 1) or maybe snag something for immediate use (day 2).

      I certainly think going day 1 is a fine choice. The Chinese and Greeks are strong but kinda meh in today’s meta, but the GFE selection is definitely better if only for Kaede (Sumire and the Norns are good too). Rolling this day would be like speculating on non-heart-based leads making a comeback, though, and who knows if/when that will ever happen.

      Day 2 has more immediate help; Andromeda is an obvious boon for your Sumire team, but any of the Heroes are great on a variety of teams. I don’t really like Nut on Sumire. I don’t think a dupe Wukong is necessarily bad (there are much worse dupes to have). Egypt 2 is pretty bad, but at least Osiris is the only dupe risk. The GFEs aren’t great for you.

      There’s no clear answer. I think it comes down to preference. It I wanted to play it safe, I’d go day 1 since any featured god will be good where that’s not the case with day 2. However, I think there’s more upside with the Heroes despite all the downsides that come with the day, but I may not be a good judge here since I’m very biased towards the Heroes.

      Is there a day you’re leaning toward? Maybe I can help validate your reasoning for thinking so?


      • Haha, thanks for that Setsu. I figured that the choice would probably be close, given the pros and cons of the line-ups and my relatively bare box.

        I hadn’t really considered that the meta would figure so much in the decision making process! I’m in two mind about this. On the one hand, I’m not feeling super gated due to lack of strong subs in my Sumire team (although as I’m making the move from mythicals to the roguelikes/rushes maybe that will change). On the other hand, I’m not entirely sure that the stuff I struggle with using that team, mainly combo shields tbh, would be dealt with that much more easily with another heart-cross team? I guess not having to do the 5oe1 with say a Myr team might help my chances, but at least I already have Sun Wukong, so that’s not AS big a factor.

        I’m thinking of rolling some in day 1 and some in day 2, probably at a 2:1 ratio or 1:2 if somehow my rolls on day 1 are quite good? I guess I’m thinking at this stage of going for breadth rather than depth, and working towards possibly opening up some different playstyles/choices that way. IDEK. Anyway, I’ve decided I’m rolling at least 5 times in each day, so it’s just a question of where to distribute those other 4 rolls.


        • Ok, so I rolled Balboa, Hermes, Fuu, Fenrir and Leonis.

          I guess that means that whatever happens next, I don’t walk away from this GF empty handed since at least my tank team will have a better sub in Hermes.

          Happy now to wait until day 2 for the rest of my rolls and pray to the RNG for heroes.

          Ah, all that rationalizing, and now I’m going the other way! My thinking is such a mess.


          • Well, I didn’t roll any heroes, BUT I did roll

            Isis (yay, I miss having B/L as she was the one who powered me through the early game)
            Saria (!!)
            Balboa (dupe, thinking of selling)
            Eschamali (!)
            Gamble Mage

            Pretty happy with that TBH. Feeling like I’m getting much closer to getting functional light and dark teams, and it’ll be good having good ol’ B/L Isis in my box again.


  4. Hello,
    I’m a Rank 279, light IAP player
    Pad herder: https://www.padherder.com/user/Bakugou/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,4294967295_63,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    My question is: save or spend?

    I have 25 stones and I’m saving for PCGF (I’d like to have at least 60 stones for it.)

    However, I’d like to roll to improve my teams.
    I have some monsters in mind, like Sakuya and Pandora, but the low amount of stones I have forces me to focus on one day (should I choose to spend.)


    • Looking at your box, it looks like you have plenty to work with until the PCGF (which should happen in a couple months about?). I really like your WIP Sumire team and is pretty much what I would recommend, but I’d either run Snow White over or inherit her on Isis. It looks like that team will take quite a while to get up and running so that should keep you busy so I don’t think you have to roll right now.

      That being said, is this a good enough opportunity to roll now? Because this godfest is pretty much the last one you want to roll in so, like you said, you have enough time to save for the PCGF. I think there’s some merit in rolling. I’m biased towards day 2 because of the Heroes even if the day isn’t all that great otherwise. Yamato can help form the basis for a future Cao Cao team. Andromeda would obviously be great on Sumire or any of your water teams. Wukong can complement DQXQ and Saria for the start of a Myr team. Pandora would be great on Lucifer. Perseus would be great on… something someday.

      So I’m basically going to straddle the fence on this, something I’m probably going to do a lot of in this post. If you feel like rolling, I think you should. If not, then just save it for the PCGF. It may not sound like much for advice, but PAD is really about enjoying yourself, so since I don’t see a strong reason to “objectively” roll or not roll, it should come down to preference.


      • This was enough for me to make a decision. Thank you.

        I’ve decided to roll tomorrow because I also have a preference for the Heroes pantheon (with an over preference for Pandora.)
        As for the Egyptian gods, I assume that I’ll reap the benefits for rolling one of them in a distant future.

        About the WIP Sumire team: I’m glad you feel that way. I had planned for Isis to inherit Snow White’s active. Now, I just need to level the latter up.


      • I need your advice on team focus.

        I rolled Sherias, Typhon, Delgado, Saria, Zuoh, Spica, Liu Bei and Andromeda.

        I can either:
        – Evolve/max Zuoh for Lucifer,
        – Replace Gabriel with Andromeda and completely focus on completing the Sumire team, or
        – Evolve/max Liu Bei, then wait for Zeus Dios to make a farming team.

        Typhon is in the back of my mind, since Ana is seems to be a good leader (when looking at the aggregate leader list).


        • Why not do all of them? If I had to choose, I’m partial toward Liu Bei. Liu Bei means MP farming which means buying whatever subs you need for whatever team you want.

          I would replace Isis with Andromeda instead of Gabriel. Just bring in Isis when the dungeon needs her.

          Not a huge fan of Typhon Ana and I think Sumire is better considering you don’t have any subs. We’re not even guaranteed to get her; I’d like to think it’s very likely, but there’s no point in counting your chickens before they’ve hatched.


  5. Hi Setsu I can’t stop looking at your blog at least thrice a week and I love your content!

    I’m rank 286, non IAP with only 26 stones saved.
    Main team is Sephiroth / Hades / Satsuki / Durga / Anubis
    Secondary team is L Kali and I was able to complete Z8 this morning with her (Albeit two stones w/e), but generally my L Kali team sucks and I can clear most myths with Sephiroth

    I’m looking for a different leader tbh and I wanna roll Pandora indeed, however the GFE for day 1 look so enticing. I’m looking for advice if I should roll and considering my box look for any good subs?

    PADHERDER: https://www.padherder.com/user/yatsugami/monsters/


    • What you really need is a better leader. Have you considered running Cecil? You could run something like Cecil / Awoken Haku / Satsuki / Hamal / Zuoh / Cecil, swapping in Zaerog over Zuoh whenever you’re able to farm him. For something more conventional, I think Bastet is a fine choice, too. You could run like Bastet / Vishnu / Ishida / Sasuke / Marine Rider / Bastet. I think either of these teams would do better than your Seph or LKali teams.

      Whether you should roll or not, I’m leaning toward not. I was going to give you a similar answer as I did for Mogami, but I think the PCGF will probably line up better for what you need so it’s probably better to just wait for it. In the mean time, you can work on the two teams I proposed, assuming they’re your cup of tea.


      • Very interesting! I was actually pumped up when you said that either of those teams would “do better than seph or lkali”

        I will FOR SURE try the two teams you mentioned. I feel like I am spoiled by Sephiroth and by his unconditional ls and highish damage but I have always complained about utility of my team. The teams you mentioned are really interesting to me. I have no team building skills at all so I’m going to read up on that and figure out why these work so well together. This really pumped me up actually haha..

        I’ll for sure try to wait for pcgf. I really appreciate your help! 🙂


        • That’s an amazing roll. Congrats. I guess 2x Gabe + Navi isn’t a terrible core, maybe filling out the last slot with like Berry Dragon or, ugh, Mini Andromeda. While I’m not thrilled with this team, it’s not like I’m thrilled with the other ones I proposed, either. If this is the direction you wanted to go, I couldn’t blame you, and it certainly has the highest ceiling which probably makes it the best choice.


  6. Hi Setsu, thank you again for taking the time to answer all of our questions. Here are the details:

    Rank 464
    67 stones
    Main teams: Apanda, ACC, AI&I, mzeus for some coop, just got Myr. Working on Scarlet system.

    I followed your advice from last time and converted my Cao to ACC and also started pursuing Scarlets. I am thinking on rolling day 2 in an attempt to get Perseus since I don’t have Liu Bei. However since rolling for 1 person is usually a bad idea, I’m leaning towards sitting this one out. What do you think?

    If I may ask a bonus question, I did start a rank 124 noob alt (non-iap and 42 stones) who runs a dark team (loki, satsuki, castor, dill sirius, dark dragon swordsman) with a few other pieces (balboa, tsubaki, gadius, sylvie, cameo, delgado). PH not included b/c of WordPress’ double linking feature but I mentioned every card of note. The main purpose of my alt is to develop a coop partner for my main so I’m thinking I should roll day 2 for panda. However Day 1 has Chinese which you said was also good for noobs. Which day(s) do you think my alt should roll?

    Many thanks!


    • I wouldn’t roll specifically for Perseus, especially not for that reason. The Liu Bei train is quite attractive, but Perseus isn’t a great replacement. I think it’s better to wait. Liu Bei is almost guaranteed to be in the PCGF, so assuming 3K doesn’t make an appearance before then, you should have a chance to roll for him in the flesh in a couple months max.

      I think day 1 is better. If you’re just looking for a better lead to pair with, Persephone theoretically has the same appearance rate as Pandora and is arguably a better leader after her buffs, but you’ll be getting better value overall due the better featured gods and GFEs. Not to mention sub flexibility is important for a new account.


      • Ugh… this was not one of my better luck days. 4 silvers in a row (at which point I had to take a shower) and then 6 golds but not terribly excited about them. Thumbelina, undine, woodbahn, dupe mitsuke, shotel, earth dragon knight, dupe satsuki, zweihander, kanna, raphael.

        PH for my alt: https://www.padherder.com/user/PenguinPwr/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,4294967295_63,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

        My main point of having my alt is to get it ready as an eventual coop partner for my main (that PH sent previously). Unless you think otherwise I’m going to have both accounts save up for PCGF in 2 months. So the focus will be on collecting stones for my alt which means being able to coop descendeds and coins w/ my main. PenguinPwr’s strength is clearly dark but w/o many devils so maybe I’ll come up with an Aperseph or ALoki team (???) on my main to pair with my alt’s team which would eventually be something like (loki, satsuki, castor, dill sirius, satsuki). Or maybe I could put together a dragon/attacker team with Satsuki leads? I also plan to develop a tengu for my alt so she (PenguinPwr is a girl) can help w/ buttoning for tama’s and metal dragon fodder.

        Whatever advice you give on future direction for either/both accounts would be much appreciated. I hope you are feeling better these days. Hopefully your bout with food poisoning didn’t turn you off of anything you really like.


        • That’s pretty brutal. Raphael and the Blade Braves are nice co-op pieces to have, though, so not all is lost. I think going with a dark team in the beginning is the correct choice. I’d actually think about investing in Zweihander for it and dropping a Satsuki inherit on her; the multi boost is one of the better awakenings in the game. I’d probably lead with Loki and aim to get an MHera ASAP (and I guess the team cost to run her) even if it costs you a few stones. Although, to be honest, getting her with a Loki lead seems pretty difficult, but if it doesn’t cost you too many stones it’s probably worth it since MHera will likely be your best lead until the PCGF (and even if you get a Liu Bei or something, MHera is still great for Arena 1). Zweihander deals massive TPA damage on MHera. It might be a bit late, but I’d try to skill up an Anji for your alt as much as possible. I’d definitely save up on your alt for the PCGF, but I think your main doesn’t necessarily have to (although that might be the next time Liu Bei shows up so you might end up rolling there, anyways).


          • I actually had the foresight to max skill an Anji for my alt previously so I’m good there. I would agree that trying to tackle mhera w/ my two accounts is going to be pretty daunting unless I spend a very large amount of stones, especially at my combo skill level. Any thoughts on teaming a dark mzeus team on my main with the loki dark team on my alt (or any other plan B)? What I generally find is that mzeus can be a bit of a pain to use b/c of the 100% HP conditional. Unless you have a team full of delay or the ability to just OHKO each floor (unlikely with my alt) then I find I’m always “behind the 8 ball” with mzeus. Perhaps I could focus on getting mhera for my main first to team with the alt and then worry about mhera for my alt later? Thanks!


            • Sorry, I’m not really the best person to consult about MHera since I’ve never farmed the dungeon. It’s obvious that it’s going to be very hard for your alt to get carried through. I think you have to look at it like this: continue to develop your box and either you’ll eventually find a good alternative to MHera or you’ll get better pieces to address the dungeon without spending too many stones. As it stands you alt just needs more cards and you can adjust your goals to the situation.


  7. Hey Setsu, I’m not new to your blog but I think I’ve never commented so far…

    I was extremly lucky on the first day and rolled the highly desired Sherias Roots. I’m Rank 355, non-IAP and I wanted to ask you, if you think he’ll still be worth a hypermaxing. The team I could use would look like the following:


    I’d love to hear your feedback, oh and I don’t own any DKalis!


    • Don’t know what other teams you’re working with, but just judging from that team, no, I don’t think he’s worth hypermaxing. You really need at least one Ragnarok Dragon to make the team work and the only reason you’d run the team without is because you don’t have any other options.


  8. Hi Setsu I’ve recently found your site and looking through your website, you are incredibly insightful and I would appreciate your opinion on my team.


    Teams are:

    A.DQXQ / Light Valk / Baal / L.Kali / flex for Bride Iza or Orochi

    A. Luci / B. Pandora / Haku / DMeta / Chaos devil dragon

    I am rank 321 and non IAP and amd wondering if I should roll in this godfest? The hardest dungeon I’ve done is Z8 and can clear most mythicals. I feel like I could work on my A Luci team once I get better at it, but I’m wondering if there is a better team or something to aim for in this gf?

    Thank you so much and I love the site!


    • With the PCGF about 2 months away, whether you roll or not here mainly hinges on whether you want something to work on between now and then or if you just want to save all your stones for the PCGF. Do you feel you progress has stalled? Do you feel like you want something new to work on? If so, then I think either day is reasonable. For you, I’d probably lean toward day 1 as a dupe Perseus or Hathor from day 2 would be horrendous, but as I’ve been advising many people so far, it comes down to preference since it’s pretty close.

      I think your teams look pretty good. If your current DQXQ team is working for you I don’t want to shake things up, but I’d recommend bringing Awoken Indra, Pollux and Venus (as an inheritance base) into the mix. I don’t know if you’ve attempted to clear Myr yet, but you have a solid core in Apoc, DQXQ and Saria. I don’t know if co-op is your thing, but you could also run a pretty decent MZeus team (and you have the Ra to run the carry team).


      • Thanks for all the advice! As I’m only starting to transition to roguelikes, I’m still trying to explore options with teams that play differently from rainbows, hence the A.Luci. I ended up rolling today and got a Cyberbeast Phact, dupe Saria, and a Satsuki. The last is probably the most exciting for my A.Luci team, but otherwise, the cards I have will have me working on them probably till PCGF.

        I just wanted to clarify the MZeus team comment–I have a potential team to run MZeus with, or I have a nice MZeus sub team to run co-op in? Regardless, thanks so much for your advice, and I wish you best of luck on your Godfest rolls!


        • I mean that with an Orochi and some good light subs, you have the subs for a good MZeus team, not a team to run the dungeon with. You can use your Awoken Ra to get carried so if co-op was of any interest, getting an MZeus comes at a relatively low cost.

          Also, I’m not sure if you noticed or not, but Satsuki is neither god or devil for Lucifer, but I guess she’s better than CDD.


  9. Hey Setsu,

    Rank 315
    Mostly Non-IAP
    Box: https://www.padherder.com/user/tman1027/monsters/

    After the monstrosity that was last Godfest I am really hyped for this one, but the combination of monsters and GFEs gives me a little pause. Day 1 seems to have the better GFEs and maybe a better combination of gods, but Day 2 has the Heroes and I really want/need a second Pandora so my Panda team can have some rcu. Set is a pretty good sub for fire teams and he could probably replace AHorus on my Urd team and I could probably even make use of a second Nut for my Sumire team, but I’m not sure if that makes it worth rolling over Day 1. Would I maybe just be better of waiting for PCGF instead of rolling on this?

    Also, I finished Mzues, so now I just need a better team to put together for him. I am now just working on collecting Zues Dios and the Dark farmable defense break/nuke for skill ups. Those button teams aren’t going to make themselves.

    I’d really love to hear your thoughts on what I should be trying to do right now and on if rolling is a good idea.


    • It’s impossible to tell what the PCGF is going to have (much harder than previous times, imo) so if you want something now you might as well try for it. You want Pandora, but is she even going to make the PCGF? Probably, but I don’t think it’s set in stone like previous years and there’s no telling how subsequent JP updates will shake up what potentially gets voted in. You didn’t mention any reason for rolling day 1 beyond the GFEs so I probably wouldn’t roll there; you can roll for GFEs any godfest. Day 2 looks kinda gross, especially with a few dupe risks, but if you want another Pandora I don’t see a reason to hold back? There’s still plenty of time to save up for the PCGF.


  10. Hey Setsu,

    Rank 355
    Non IAP
    105 stones

    Main teams are
    ALB/ZD/ZD (australis, Verd, zd, Jorg flex)
    Skuld/skuld/orochi (asq, ai&i, aisis, famiel)
    Myr with same blues
    Should I roll? If so which day? You had said before you would wait for heroes, I just wish they had a better pairing. As it is, I can clear most content so if you think pcgf is a better bet. I’d love most heroes and could fit them all in teams or use them as leads.

    Thoughts? Thanks as always, I love your site and hope you are feeling better!


    • Yes, I remember you 🙂 I would just go ahead and roll day 2 for the Heroes. There’s no guarantee any of the Heroes will get voted into the PCGF, anyways. There’s no point in waiting any longer and you can still gather plenty of stones for the PCGF. Let’s hope RNG is on your side!


      • Hey Setsu,

        Thanks for your suggestion! I went ahead and rolled and I think I did pretty well. Notables: Dantalion, Yamato, Ronia, Saria, Thanatos, and Avalon Drake.

        Updated padherder here:

        I pulled another Saria, so I imagine I could improve my myr team to be Myr/Saria/Saria/DXDQ. Who would you recommend for the last slot? Obviously dependant on the dungeon.

        My only hero was Yamato but I’m stoked for that – I can pair with ACC and should be able to clear content that doesn’t let me roll with ALB. I am thinking probably use some of my gadii (is that the plural of gadius?), uriel and am happy if you have other suggestions there (scarlet or sutyr or another farmable?) I also got red sonia so that might fit too. Is it worth it trying to build a dantalion team? Once again similar subs and heart makes so he might be good?

        For ALB, I pulled Avalon Drake which is great for combo requirements. Then the green cyberbeast that gives a row on top is nice but more niche. I feel like there might be some use there. I typically run ALB, ZD, ZD, Australis and flex. I am most often paired with Perseus with a few ZDs so that helps with SBR.

        I also got Thanatos – probably the happiest I’ve been to pull a silver. I can inherit him to farm myr using my ALB team.

        From your perspective where should my focus be? I almost exclusively play coop so generally am running ALB and then at times will play Myr but have been using blue subs. I have cleared most of the rogues I’ve tried and a few of the rushes – looking to try to get to arena and mhera/mzeus and any other super tough content. I was thinking at least short term, get thanatos and avalon drake up to speed for myr.

        Thanks again as always!


        • Not sure I like 2x Saria, but you gotta do what you gotta do. For the last slot you can run Awoken Venus and inherit something on her like Fuma or Snow White. Or you can just run Fuma straight up; I’ve been happy with running Hatsume on my Summer Myr team.

          Gadius is a pretty horrendous sub. Cao Cao already lacks skill boosts so the last thing you want is a sub without any, especially when its active won’t make the requisite 9 fire orbs very often. Chiyome, Scarlet, RSonia, or Surtr are all much better.

          Yeah, I’d get Myr out of the way first. You can farm Arena with her.


  11. Hi Setsu! Thanks so much for helping us out!

    Rank: 389
    MP: 235k, stones: 50
    Padherder: https://www.padherder.com/user/awuengls/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,4294967295_63,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0

    Main teams:
    1) ALuci (Akechi) / DR Haku / Akechi / DG Persephone / flex (DL Castor, Zuoh, etc.)
    2) ALakshmi (Kraken Rider) / Ryune / Gabriel / Andromeda / flex (Orochi, Isis with Balboa inherit, Navi) – paired with ALakshmi or BMyr (wish more people would coop with her!)

    I also run Perseus + 3dios / Gsonia for easy content and Mzeus for Z8/Nordis mostly, though I’ve run some of the other rogues.

    Goals: farming MP and thinking about tackling Arena. I’m toying with the idea of investing in Myr for my blue subs to pair with BMyr, but I’m on the fence because (a) my light box for Myr is awful and (b) I’m not sure how well light Myr works in this case.

    My main questions are:
    1) Should I roll day 2? My inclination is no. I’ve always wanted pandora, but I’m not sure what she adds to my Lucifer team. I’d love Sun wu kong, but he’s the only one I really want from Day 2. I’d obviously like more Light Myr compatible subs, but my guess is they will all show up in PCGF (Apoc, Saria, Sun wu kong, Dq/xq).

    2) Do you think Yomi Dragon is worth purchasing when I get 300k MP? Since I’m not a hardcore MP farmer, I don’t think I can get 500k MP by the time Halloween hits (in case of dark Myr). I think Yomi Dragon is the one sub I need for Lucifer because I just don’t have a great bind clear option. I also think Yomi Dragon would fit on Ana Typhon if she ever shows up. Xin Hua would also be a nice option for Ana Typhon, but Yomi Dragon seems more flexible.

    3) Are there any other teams you think I should work on? I’m thinking about evolving my red cards, although I don’t see any team there that can take me anywhere Lucifer/Lakshmi can’t take me.


    • I… don’t really know how Summer Myr would pair with light Myr. Seems like it would be annoying to have your light Myr’s active stomp water orbs. It’s also rough sacrificing 1/6 of your damage in endgame dungeons. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I’d be curious to know how it works if you choose to pursue it.

      1) If you feel like it’s not worth rolling, then you shouldn’t. In general for this godfest, I don’t think there’s any compelling reason to go one way or the other, but if your gut feeling is to not roll, then you should follow that.

      I wouldn’t assume Myr subs will make the PCGF. Apoc isn’t a GFE or pantheon god so he’s not eligible. DQXQ and Saria will probably make it. I’m not sure about Wukong, though, as he’s never even come close in the past. I’d like to think Paimon would make it and the voters do seem to like 6-stars. I guess what I’m saying is don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched. There’s also a ton of time between now and November and who knows how GungHo is going to shake things up.

      2) Yeah, I think Yomi Dragon is a great purchase for all the reasons you stated, especially if you’re planning on running Typhon Ana (we’re getting it, right? Right?).

      3) I don’t really see anything. I think your current teams look good.


  12. Hi Setsu,

    Thanks so much for this blog! I’ve learned a lot from going through your posts.

    I’m a rank 177, mostly non-IAP player, with 107 stones. I primarily use my Greek leaders (Persephone, Hermes, Ares, and Artemis) for my teams, though sometimes also use a Bastet team and more rarely a Sakuya team (both of which are lacking some good subs). My PADHerder is here:

    I’m at the point in the game (almost level 200, as stated in your FAQs, and with decent sub and lead monsters – though not necessarily in the right combinations) where I have some viable teams that are almost complete but might be missing crucial monsters, and am trying to figure out which teams fit best with what I have. Given Day 1 is attractive because Apollo and possibly Meimei might be useful, but I run the risk of getting a bunch of dupes since I have four of the Greek gods and three of the Chinese gods. On the other hand, my box lacks many of the GFEs featured on Day 1. Day 2 is attractive because of heroes, but the coupling with Egypt 2 is not ideal, GFEs are not as nice, and I am not as sure which teams I can form with hero subs given my current box. Then again, I am not an expert, and am likely missing some good possibilities.

    Should I roll on either day, and is there a certain godfest I should look out for? What teams and monsters (not necessarily in this godfest) should I target? I’d love to hear your feedback.

    Thank you, Setsu! I hope you are feeling better. I also had food poisoning, and it felt horrible. Hoping you are recovering quickly!


    • Hi Setsu! My PASHerder link wasn’t working earlier, but it should work now. Sorry about that, and thanks for taking the time to help me out! 🙂


      • First, let me take a look at your teams. As you said, you have a pretty nice assortment of cards, especially for your rank. If I had to pick a team from your box to use right now, it’d probably be an Awoken I&I team as you have some pretty nice water subs in Hermes, Karin, Orochi, and Hatsume. Pair with a Ryune and you have a pretty amazing team. So, at least for now, you have a good team you can work toward immediately that will take you pretty far into the endgame.

        Since you don’t have to worry about teams too much, you can focus on just improving your box. With that in mind, day 1 doesn’t really help you because, as you said, there is a significant dupe risk. The Chinese and Greeks are fine dupes, but what we really want is to expand your capabilities, not create redundancies. The GFEs might be appealing this day, but the GFEs aren’t going anywhere so you can wait for another godfest if need be. Is day 2 any good? Probably not. As much as I like the Heroes, I just don’t like Egypt 2 and the GFE selection. I think there are so many other godfests lineups that would work better for you that it’s probably best to wait.

        If you didn’t have all those nice cards to work on, I’d probably recommend rolling, but as it is, I don’t think there’s any rush. You can afford to wait for a better opportunity. I wouldn’t blame you for firing off a some shots on day 2 — 107 is a lot of stones to sit on — but I’d try to keep enough ammunition for the PCGF in November.


      • Oh, as for what you should aim for, I’d try for any combination of the good pantheons you don’t have. Namely: Heroes, 3K, Indian 2 (yeah… they’re actually pretty damned good now), Sengoku, and maybe Constellation 1. A GFE-only godfest might be good for you too since you’re lacking in that department. The PCGF might not be a slam dunk for you, it’s hard to say until the voting is done, but it’ll likely be good.


        • Thank you for your advice, Setsu! I have a better idea of where I should focus my box/team now, and you gave me more insight into what is worth waiting for given the possibilities. I agree; it didn’t make sense to roll Day 1 because I had a good number of gods from both pantheons. I was (and maybe still am) tempted to roll a few on Day 2 with the number of stones I had (eyeing Andromeda), but maybe it is wiser to wait until a better combination.

          Thanks for recommending the Awoken I&I team! I was not sure whether I needed Andromeda, but you’re right – what I have now is pretty decent. I’ll keep an eye out for the pantheons you mentioned; I didn’t realize Indian 2 is good now.

          Thanks for all these pointers again! I hope you’re feeling better; food poisoning really sucks.


  13. Hey Setsu,

    Rank 188
    Non IAP

    I mainly run a horrible Sherias Roots team, but seeing your comment above I might have to switch till I can afford a ragnarok.

    I want to roll for sakuya, but if I’m switching leads I don’t know what to aim for. Overall I don’t know what I’m doing and your articles help so much. (I mean I only just found out about badges)


    • That advice was predicated on not knowing anything about that player, their box, rank, etc.

      Looking at your box, Roots might just be your best leader even if you don’t have the dragons to take full advantage of his leader skill. I don’t know what team you’re running right now, but it’s probably good enough considering your rank.

      For alternatives, there’s some potential in your fire box. You could start with an Urd team then graduate to an Awoken Cao Cao team once you’re able to gather the materials for his awoken form. Awoken Minerva, Chiyome, Gadius, and even Denebola are all usable fire subs so I’d probably try taking advantage of that. If this was my box, I’d probably set aside Roots and start work on this.

      I also wouldn’t roll specifically for Sakuya who is quite outdated at this point. I could see you rolling day 1 for value and if you get her, so be it, but I wouldn’t roll for her.


      • Thanks Setsu, I decided to roll for value and I got very lucky with all four rolls being GFE’s.
        Kanna, duplicate satsuki, paimon, and Grodin.

        As great as those rolls are now I have more options to be confused about, mainly with Paimon, which is a good problem to have. Either way I’ve been working towards Awoken Cao Cao and Awoken Minerva so hopefully that will be done before Halloween.

        Roots is great it is just that my team doesn’t have enough consistency, I’m hoping A. Cao Cao will provide fast and lazier farming. I just wish I could farm MP.

        Thanks again for your advice


  14. Hey, Setsu! Been reading for a month or so, but this is my first godfest help thread. Hope you’re feeling better, and thanks in advance!

    I’m rank 186, non-IAP, with about 60 stones saved up, https://www.padherder.com/user/Moonadepts/monsters/

    My only good team right now is RSonia/LuBu, which I’m hoping to develop a bit and transition to a Beelzebub/Sonia team once I get a little better at descends.

    Most of the good leaders I’ve rolled unfortunately have an expiration date (Sonia, Bastet, etc.), so I’m on the hunt for something more top-tier, or any kind of box diversity, really. Is there anything in this godfest that could help me, or should I just keep waiting?

    Thanks again!


    • Unfortunately, everything is slated for expiration in this game, it’s just a matter of whether it’s sooner or later. Instead of worrying when the leaders will go out of style, I like to look at it in a different light. While developing that leader, you also develop what really matters: the subs. And good subs rarely lose effectiveness. With that in mind, I’d probably continue to develop your Bastet team. We’ll hopefully get Bastet Ace someday (gungho pls) and uuevo Vishnu is a pretty capable leader himself. It’s your RSonia team that probably has a lower ceiling as there really isn’t anywhere to go with those cards once you finish it, but I’d continue to use it while you develop another team.

      Is it worth it to roll this godfest? This question isn’t getting any easier to answer. I think that if you go with the Bastet team, you’ll have enough to work on until the PCGF gets here in about a month so you don’t necessarily have to roll. If you don’t like the Bastet team, then you should probably roll a few times (not necessarily all your stones) and see if any new doors open; I definitely wouldn’t sit on all 60 stones in this case since I feel like that’s too much wasted potential. I’d lean toward day 1 even with the minor dupe risk; I just think the GFEs that day are better for newer players and the dupes, Meimei and Persephone, aren’t bad at all. I love the Heroes, but risking Egypt 2 with your box just isn’t worth it.


      • Thanks for getting back to me! I’ll take the advice to heart, focus on my subs a little more!

        Decided to roll three times, got a GOdin, Shedar, and somehow, another Bastet, ‘Alright, Gunho, hint taken. I’ll work on the Bastet team until the PCGF.


  15. Just wanted to drop a note saying that it’s awesome you’re willing to do this for players! 🙂 Thank you and feel better soon!


  16. Setsu.

    After 817 days of playing, I FINALLY rolled a Haku!

    I also rolled a DKali and a Dantalion, but TBH, I’m more excited about the Haku. 😛 (I have none of the leads that would benefit from a DKali, but all of the leads that benefit from Haku!)

    Also, I suddenly find myself hoping that there will be a red Myr for Christmas… XD


    • While I think your box is in a state where just rolling for value is still good, I think it’s good to have some direction as well as it can prove to be the deciding factor when the decision is close. You have good teams, but in what way do you want to make them better, if at all? What other teams did you want to expand towards? Do you feel limited by your current teams? Without knowing the answers to those types of questions, I’d say you should probably hold off rolling, but the answer could easily change with more information.


      • I’m sure pandora is pretty much finished, pulling a second one would be nice but not required and for sumire I’m not sure how to make the team better. Both teams can clear 90% of content, but I’m having a lot of trouble with dungeons like mhera and mzeus. I’d really like to just develop other teams more than anything else.


        • Are you mainly a solo player? Because Annihilation dungeons are going to be difficult to solo no matter how good your box is. If you’re interested in co-op at all, I’d suggest Awoken Cao Cao.

          As for other teams, it doesn’t look like anything is going to get much better that Sumire in your box. So you’re definitely going to have to roll to get some new direction. When you should roll, I can’t really say. Is there a team in particular that interests you? I’d probably start there.

          Sorry, there’s really no easy or correct answer to this.


    • Well, considering you can make just about every type of team, I’m not sure what your criteria is when looking for a new one. Farming is pretty much the same with any lead so you’re stuck there. As for Myr, are you just bored with the team or the cross mechanic in general?

      If you’re just tired of the mechanic, I’d suggest looking at some of the recent JP updates. While they aren’t as good as the heart-crossers, some of the new leaders skills will give you a change of pace, with U&Y, Kushi, and Krishna being the most appealing to me. The new Wisdom Gods could be interesting too. In the meantime, there really isn’t much to recommend.


      • I just never added them in, but is it really needed? I just wanted a direction to be pointed into about what teams I should build. All my monsters I own are in my box, just not the levels, awakenings, skill ups, and +eggs.


        • Yes, it matters. Where you currently have your resources allocated plays into where you should go from here. You should look into getting one of the automated updaters working and this shouldn’t be a problem.


  17. I did 6 rolls for day 1. I got Perspherone, dupe Urd, and dupe Uriel (whut?). The other 3 were all riders (purged).

    Quite annoyed about day 2. I was looking forward to the Heros pantheon but being paired with Egyptian 2 totally killed it for me. I have every card in that pantheon other than Nut. I really want to stay away from dupes where they’re concerned. I also already have Yamato and SunWukong.

    Also, hope you feel better! I had a really nasty bout of food poisoning once that put me out of commission for one week with the first 3 days being hell on earth.


  18. Strictly non IAP now, buy have 600k MP saved.
    Pulled four times really, really hoping for Gremory since I would have a killer team for her, or dant for my Myr team.

    Instead… 3rd Skuld, 4th Leilan, 2nd GZL, 2nd Pers.
    I have great or good I&I, A Panda, A CC, Myr, sumire, Krishna and Izanagi teams. When we get T. Ana I’ll have that too.

    What would you recommend I sell? (I cannot get padlistener to work for the life of me)

    Really hoping for a Dark Myr!


    • In general, I wouldn’t sell anything until you absolutely need the MP. I could definitely see selling some of those things, but why not put off making that decision until you have to and have more and better information?


  19. Going to make the cutoff here. Any new advice-related questions under here will be deleted. Follow ups are still welcome. Good luck to any that still plan on rolling!


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