Challenge Dungeons 28 Lv6-10 – Liu Bei Co-op Snoozefest

“Challenge”. At least it’s some easy Pys.


Challenge Dungeons 8 Brainstorming

It’s been so long since we had our last Challenge Dungeons that I’ve fallen out of the habit of preparing for them and feel far behind. With them starting on Monday, I’ll mostly have to make due with what I have. I was looking forward to using my Beelzebub team again, but the dark binds in Lv10 and 9 are looking to prevent that. It’ll be up to Verdandi to pick up the slack.

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Challenge Dungeons 5 Lv8

Similar to Lv7, Lv8 didn’t have significant changes outside of a floor swap; in this case the previous boss, Sandalphon, swaps places with Lucifer to the first floor. This doesn’t change the dungeon difficulty for an awoken Greco-Roman god, but it does make things more convenient. Sandalphon is the hardest floor for this strategy so if you screw up on him you only have to redo the first floor instead of the entire dungeon.

To take advantage of this, I decided to be a bit more daring in killing him. Before I’d play it safe, but this time I got him within a pixel or two of 50% HP. This way I could use GOdin’s nuke to get him below 50%, switching him to water, getting the benefit of elemental advantage while avoiding the 10-turn god bind. This, of course, made him trivial to kill.

Outside of that, the dungeon plays almost exactly as it did before, so please check out those posts for more information

Looking Forward

Challenge Dungeons 6  appears to bring the first significant jump in difficulty. The new Lv8 loses Raphael, Sandalphon and Lucifer and swaps in Athena, Hera-Sowilo and Zeus Vulcan. Hera-Sowilo brings her own set of challenges, but shouldn’t be difficult for an awoken Greco-Roman lead to deal with. The real problem is Zeus Vulcan which pretty much rules out using Ceres. You’d need to do over 5.5 million burst on the first turn to get him to switch to light. This would be easy for Neptune, but I’m not sure I want to invest in the team. I also don’t think my current Verdandi team can handle it, either. It looks like I’ll actually have to put some effort into beating the next version of this dungeon.

Challenge Dungeons 5 Lv7


There’s not too much to say here since the 4th and 5th versions of the dungeon appear to be identical except the Keeper of Gold and Ancient Mask floors are swapped. With the Keeper on the first floor, you’re harder pressed to hit the damage check as you don’t have any floors to stall for skills on. This can be particularly rough on some dark teams due to the dark absorb shield, but for most teams doing 7 million damage over 6 turns isn’t too difficult. Other than that, the dungeon remains the same, so check out my previous posts for more information.

Looking Ahead

The 6th version of Lv7 introduces Medjed — also meaning NA will likely get Medjed Descends within the next month — and Osiris. Just looking at the preliminary stats on PDX, these those two appear to make the dungeon significantly harder. On top of dealing with Medjed’s leader swap skill and Osiris light and dark 50% resistance, they both hit relatively hard.

Challenge Dungeons 4 Lv7


With my new Verdandi team, Lv7 was fairly trivial which is nice as I didn’t have to resort to using a janky team to clear it like I did for the 3rd version. That being said, I’m not sure how useful this breakdown will be considering it’s mostly “tank and spank”, but I’ll try cover any nuances in the dungeon.

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